CopyTrade Tickmill

To activate an account in FortunaMax Tcm, access the Tickmill website and complete your registration.
Then, activate an MT4 account with leverage of 1:500. Check your email to confirm all your account details and send the required funds.

For the FortunaMax Tcm strategy, the minimum investment is 500 dollars, but to operate with less risk and drawdown, it’s recommended to work with 1000 dollars.

Once the amount is available, access the strategy activation link, add the details of your MT4 account (which you received via email).

Activate the CopyTrader. After clicking play , you don’t need to do anything else, as the orders will be automatically copied. Take advantage of this convenience to achieve consistent gains in your investment journey.

It’s essential to remember that, despite the FortunaMax Tcm strategy aiming to deliver consistent gains, investing always involves risks. As with any form of investment, it’s crucial to be aware that there are no profit guarantees, and the value of your investment can both increase and decrease over time.

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