There are several ways to send amounts to FP Markets brokerage, some are extremely expensive, that is, the sending and withdrawal fees are extremely high and may even make the process unfeasible.
We remind you that the amount you send can only be withdrawn the same way it was sent, so be careful to choose the best way (remembering that the profit generated can be withdrawn in any way)
Depending on the country where you live, one system may be more suitable than the other, but in general, the one currently offering the best value for money is LetKnowPay USDT (TRC-20), but you can use a visa or master card and even Pagsmile

The three forms mentioned above are relevant and we will talk a little about them now

The easiest and fastest way to send amounts is through Pagsmile

Just go to
In the left part of the menu click on funding and deposit or on the arrow button in the image below

Click on Alternative Payment Methods and on Deposit

Choose the amount (minimum 200) add a little more because due to fees the amount may vary (example add 210 dollars)

Note: To carry out this process you must already have your verification of documents completed (check the previous step)

If everything is ok, you will see the following window

click proceed

A new window will open, rotate the window and see that you have several options, just choose the most comfortable and appropriate deposit method according to your country

After payment, the amount is available in a few hours / business days
If you have questions, you can select the online service on the website itself (bottom right corner of the website)

Note: For sending larger amounts, it is already interesting to use USDT because the sending and withdrawal fees are lower
Sending amounts via LetKnowPay USDT (TRC-20)

After sending the values ​​you must choose a strategy in the ranking and activate

See the strategies available

at the link
Supercros (Minimum $200) High risk – target of up to 20% per month (gross)
Lieutenant Dan (Minimum $1000) Moderate risk – target of up to 10% per month (gross)

After choosing the strategy click on the upper right side of the screen on invest

When you registered with FP you should have received an email with access data for your MT4 account check your email and find this email with your access data, account number and password
Add this data in the following fields and click on Register