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Copy Trading: What is Copy Trading? How Does Copy Trade Work? How to Get Started in CopyTrader?

Copy Trading and FortunaDozer: Maximizing Profits with Alpari PAMM Account

In the world of financial markets, copy trading has stood out as an increasingly popular investment strategy. By allowing investors to automatically copy the trades of experienced traders, copy trading offers a convenient and effective way to maximize profits. In this article, we will explore the concept of copy trading and highlight the FortunaDozer strategy, available on Alpari’s PAMM account, a promising option for those seeking profitable results in the market.

What is Copy Trading?
Copy trading is an investment strategy that allows investors to automatically copy the trades performed by successful traders in real time. By utilizing advanced trading platforms such as Alpari’s PAMM account, investors have access to a wide range of talented traders whose strategies can be replicated in their own accounts.


Suppose the experienced trader you follow has executed a trade on the EUR/USD currency pair, seeking to obtain a positive result of 5%. Let’s consider an example with dates to illustrate the process:

Date 1: January
1 The trader decides to enter the market by buying euros (EUR) with US dollars (USD) at an exchange rate of 1.2000. He invests $1000 in this operation.

Date 2: January
15 After two weeks of market monitoring, the trader notices that the exchange rate has risen to 1.2600. This means that the value of the euro against the dollar has increased. The trader decides to close the position and sell the euros for dollars.

Result:Purchase Amount:

$1000 / 1.2000 (purchase exchange rate) = €833.33

Sale Value:
€833.33 x 1.2600 (sales exchange rate) = $1049.99

Sale Value – Purchase Value = $1049.99 – $1000 = $49.99

In this example with dates, the trader made a profit of $49.99, which represents a positive result of 5% on the initial investment of $1000. Importantly, actual exchange rates and results may vary based on market conditions. The trader used his experience and analysis to identify a profit opportunity and made the decision to enter and exit the market at the appropriate times. The execution of the operation can be done manually or through an automated trading platform, depending on the trader’s preferences and strategies.

In the context of CopyTrader, this process occurs automatically, without the need for direct investor intervention. By using CopyTrader, you can follow experienced traders who execute trades in the market in an automated way. This means that as soon as the trader you are following opens a buy or sell trade, the same trade will be replicated in his own account, according to the defined parameters.

In the specific case of seeking a positive result of 5%, the trader you are following will execute the necessary operations to achieve this goal. If the result is positive, that is, if the profit of 5% is achieved, the CopyTrader will charge a fee on the gains obtained. This fee is a predefined percentage, which may vary depending on the platform and settings you choose.

It is important to note that CopyTrader allows you to take advantage of the skills and experiences of professional traders by automating the trading process. This way, you can potentially get results similar to those of experienced traders, with the convenience of not having to make trading decisions on your own. However, it is critical to carefully analyze the traders you decide to follow, taking into account their history, strategies and risk management, as well as being aware of the fees involved in using the platform.

The FortunaDozer Strategy in the PAMM Alpari Account:

Among the various strategies available for copy tradingFortunaDozer has stood out for its impressive results. Available on the Alpari PAMM account, this strategy, developed by experienced traders, uses detailed analysis and a judicious approach to identify profitable opportunities in the financial market.

Advantages of the FortunaDozer Strategy in the Alpari PAMM Account:

Proven Performance: The FortunaDozer strategy has delivered consistent and impressive results over time. Investors who have adopted it in the PAMM Alpari account have enjoyed lucrative returns on their operations.

Professional Management: The team behind the FortunaDozer strategy in the PAMM Alpari account is made up of professional traders with extensive experience in the financial market. This ensures careful and strategic management of investments.

Diversification: The FortunaDozer strategy in the Alpari PAMM account seeks investment opportunities in different markets and assets, which allows investors to diversify their portfolios and reduce the risks associated with a single sector or asset.

Copy Trading Automated: Through the Alpari PAMM account, investors can automatically copy the operations of the FortunaDozer strategy into their own accounts, without the need to leave the computer on. This provides convenience and flexibility to investors.

2nd Option – FortunaMax Tcm at Tickmill brokerage

Replicating Operations of Successful Traders – FortunaMax Tcm

Now you can copy the strategy that has achieved a 71% return in the last year within Tickmill. The strategy is called FortunaMax Tcm and can be activated with a minimum amount of $1000 dollars, using a leverage of 1:500.

Final Thoughts:
The Alpari PAMM account, combined with the FortunaDozer strategy, provides an exciting opportunity for investors to maximize their profits in the financial market. By allowing the operations of successful traders to be replicated automatically, investors can benefit from the expertise and consistent results of these professionals. However, it is important to remember that no investment is risk-free.

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