InvestBot TCM was developed after an in-depth analysis of the trading robots on Binance, which often failed to achieve consistent results due to the high volatility of the available assets. However, when directing the strategy to the EUR/GBP currency pair (among others), it was observed that its range of motion fit more adequately into the trading parameters.

This adaptation allowed the strategy to reach significant potential, as EUR/GBP proved to be more compatible with the approach, offering more stable and predictable market conditions within an acceptable volatility level for this strategy.

Originally, the strategy did not include a stop loss mechanism, which greatly increased the risk involved. However, to mitigate these risks, a stop loss has been introduced that does not compromise the functioning of the strategy, but adds an additional layer of security.

In our tests, we achieved an average monthly return of 23%

Leave the market fluctuations to our built-in auto trading robots, which will help you buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

InvestBot TCM can be started with a minimum investment of $200 dollars or even less, but ideally start with a capital of $600 dollars to optimize the results.

Remember that every strategy comes with risks. Perform periodic withdrawals to mitigate them and evaluate whether the strategy is compatible with your risk profile.