Copy trading allows investors to copy experienced trades in a simple, fast and even free way, in many cases only a commission is charged on profits.
The activation process is relatively simple, you open an account at IC Markets (Ctrader account) deposit the stipulated amount (some strategies work with a minimum of 100 dollars, this is the case with ForturnaX) after making the deposit, simply access the strategies or choose the specific link , see the example by clicking on Fortunax (it is important to highlight that to have a better view of the strategy, access must be done via PC computer with Chrome or Firefox, access via cell phone is only done via app, which may not give an interesting overview)

After selecting the strategy, simply click on the green button in the top right corner, add the details of your ctrader account that you received in the email when you registered and press play, all orders for the selected trade will be replicated to your account automatically .
It is important to check weekly whether orders are being copied and whether the results in your account are proportional to the account of the trade provider of the strategy.

To choose a relevant strategy, it is important to see the minimum necessary to start, and how many months of positive activity the strategy has, see the history month by month, remember that every investment strategy has risks and do not invest more than your investment profile. risk provides.
ForturnaX is a strategy that is achieving surprising results and because it is activated with just 100 dollars, that is, the maximum risk of loss is not very high, a great strategy for those who want to test IC Markets copy trade .

Remembering that the IC Markets brokerage is regulated in Australia, one of the largest in the world and has top marks on practically all review sites
If you have any questions, you can contact the broker via chat at the link

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