Collective2 Is An Online Trading Platform That Connects Investors With Independent Financial Operators

Founded in 2001, Collective2 is an online trading platform that connects investors with independent financial traders. Its platform offers a variety of trading strategies, algorithms and human operators to create a customized virtual hedge fund. This allows investors to create virtual hedge fund strategies by combining various operators and trading algorithms.

Collective2 is a privately owned company and has received venture capital backing Its headquarters are located at 228 Park Avenue South, Suite 93926, New York, NY 10003-1502, United States.

Through Collective2 , investors have access to a variety of strategies and can leverage the expertise of independent financial traders to make investment decisions. The platform aims to provide a personalized and diverse experience for investors, allowing them to create and track investment strategies that align with their objectives and risk tolerance.

With its wide range of resources and its presence in the financial sector, Collective2 offers investors an innovative alternative to diversify and manage their investments, connecting them with independent financial operators and their trading strategies.