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10 commandments for choosing a robot

investment exactly I made a very simple presentation here but it is

that is, it serves as a guide, right? For us to understand a little more about how investment robots work And

how do you choose a robot that is cool a robot that is cool what i

I always say it’s like this, any place is good for those who don’t know where they want to go, so you always have to understand what

context for you to be able to compare and be able to have a North to have a goal

specific So in this content here I’m going to talk about this is like

robots work in general robots they systems right they are

software they will buy and sell buy and sell a clear example that I

I give it like this, let’s give a very abstract example, but to understand it works very well, a robot will pick it up

it always works Based On mathematics in statistics So I’ll give

an example like this The dollar is 5 and 10 and the dollar is in vain to say ten years of

History the dollar always when he left five and five and went to 5:10 he

hit 5:20 so you take 10 years of history and

99% of the time this happened so the robot can understand that this is a

very positive statistic so 99% of the times that happened the price went out of

five 10 and went to 5 and 20 what the robot is going to do he will understand this

history and he will buy the dollar

55 and 5505 r$ 5.05 went to r$ 5.10 which

what is he going to do when the dollar reaches $5.10 is he going to buy the dollar waiting for the value to hit 5 and 10 sorry 5:20

you understand so the robot does this he studies as if it were the past and

then he projects the future talking like that it seems very simple it seems very calm but it’s one thing

which is not easy, right? You take it later, I’ll show it here in the video, but there are

biggest companies that develop robots they many robots that they develop

there is a loss So that’s what I’m going to show you here that it’s not easy

but it is possible it is possible robot that is profitable in a period of

time is long, you will never evaluate a robot thinking about a month two months

six months even because it is a very short space of time one of the things that

more happen that’s how robots are tested on demo accounts

based on the past and when you put this robot to work on a real account

right into account in the present, let’s say this robot has a negative result

because something happens that we call super optimization, right when

you work the history so hard that the robot adapts very well to the

history he earns a lot of money in the past, you know, but we know that the market is cyclical, right?

speech is variable income everything is variable what happened in the past hardly

it will be a mirror of the future so sometimes Then you put the robot to

working in the present he loses money right in the past he is great but in the present he loses money so

this is what happens the most what I see happen the most is when it comes to robots But come on Rule number one or the

first commandment here o reliable statistics most of the

results Look at this, folks, this is what happens most of the results presented

they are blows and bacteria optimized systems that do not represent the reality result of robot strategy into account

real so it’s very similar here is cryptocurrency right cryptocurrency we know

that looks if you take all the cryptocurrencies that were released

until today people will say that there will be more than a thousand cryptocurrencies more than 10 thousand

I think if you were to pick them all up today the ones that survive let’s say that’s how they are

10 who knows the 10 biggest Bitcoin ethereum and with Robot it’s not much

different is robots like this, there are a lot of robots and

99% are robots it’s not Or they are

robots that do not have positive results Why

there is high complexity and you can get them to have positive results, right, or they are created

they are made for the skan that we talk about Scan is what it is like to take your money they are the

information about these robots that are presented are fakes are lies are

let’s put it like this, so it’s these two parallels that we have to

understand very well is that they are due to the complexity they can go wrong and

they can be designed to go wrong for they can be designed to take your money right a lot

similar with cryptocurrency much sown with cryptocurrency we also know that

there are some cryptocurrencies that they are created the purpose of their creation

it’s a scam, so we always have to be very careful, very careful

with this with this first commandment here reliable statistics, right? Always when

you look at a robot you say wow but this robot is giving 300% a month say

down here it’s really cool when I say robot I mean personal strategy because there are many robots that they

are they are then there are robots that they work like

human supervision right so some robots they work there let’s say 50% them

are automatic and 50% of them are manual so there are robots that work like this there are robots that are 90% automatic and there are 10%

manuals, so there are robots that have human supervision, right, and that’s very

relevant I think it’s the best world let’s put it this way of course the ideal is the robot that works 100%

automated This is the best world but a human supervision an adjustment there one

tight on a little screw here is always interesting, right? But let’s go

Reliable statistics have to be like I know Rafael what a statistic is

reliable is relatively simple relatively

simple because the statistics are generated on brokerage sites

that they must be verified by competent bodies, right?

Brazil, we know that it is cvm ambima, there are several bodies that regulate the

Brazilian financial system but many strategies and I say like this

I much prefer to work in the international market than in the

domestic I believe that the international market is much more

interesting it is much easier it has much more liquidity it has less

volatility depending on the asset gives a classic example which is like this the Euro for example the Euro its variation I am

even with I open here, I’m going to you exactly the values ​​for you, no

saying that I’m lying, right? It’s because the international market is

better to work than the National Market I go I go I go I go no

I’m just going to show it like this with guesses I’m not going to say ah I think it’s better because I like it but no we have to talk and the

we have to prove it, right, we have to prove what we say so the Euro the minimum of the Euro

is it worth 55 cents on the dollar so in

1985 is Euro dollar is in 85 Let’s get it

more current here is let’s get here the minimum he had in 2001

in 2001 the Euro hit 80 cents in

2003 he hit 99 cents

the most he got in history was a dollar and 60

on March 3, 2018

what I want you to understand is like this the amplitude of 99 let’s rotate to

a dollar today it’s a dollar right now it’s 1.00038 but what do i mean to

you are like this the range of one dollar for one dollar and 60 she is one she is one

very small amplitude compared to the

national market because when we talk about Real, Real Valia one and 50 two and

today it is like this so it multiplied by five times you understand the

volatility that the Real has the real and one day it has these variations very

abrupt so it’s the same thing you

I don’t know, you have a motorcycle. I really like riding a motorcycle.

motocross these things and all the bike she she has one

a type of structure for that type of terrain and

such there are 450 cylinder engines where

the bike weighs 100 kg practically so a bike it has if I’m not mistaken 50

horses So imagine 50 horses for a 100 kg motorcycle my friend, the person has

to be very much an athlete to be able to compete with this bike

because her power-to-weight ratio is absurd, it’s absurd, it’s out of the box

got it so it’s not just anyone or it’s not easy it’s not indicated let’s say

so you are caught on the first day in the first week

whatever it is it’s not easy I want you to understand I was going downhill with the DS motorcycle these days and it’s incredible like that

a motorcycle is a friend of mine mode and it was zero it was like that he had taken it off that week he had the little plastic ones

still and I was going down with it like this and it’s interesting that as you go

let me see if it appears let me put it here so you can understand what I’m talking about in this volatility is

very similar to Bitcoin Bitcoin also has this volatility 10% variation of 10% in one day some

thing that varies 10% in the day is a very high variation coming back when I

I was going down with this motorcycle, you start to jump and stuff, right? As you

it pulled over nice you touched the accelerator the bike already wanted to leave

I mean by that what for you is to be able to keep on top of her

and it’s almost impossible it’s already very difficult you understand and who will say you

to get an income that is nice the

risk of you breaking yourself of falling you breaking a collarbone an arm right?

a very high risk so it’s not indicated I don’t think you need it to

make money in the financial market you can use a round without a Biz right

great-grandmother she will have how many horsepower what is her power-to-weight ratio

So, Grandma She must have about 10 horses 12 horses

what do i mean by that that a biz she will have a relationship

much lower weight-to-power But it gets you in the same places as a

60 hp CRF 450 let me see here

if i think she has eight horses eight horses and weighs the same

capacity dimensions it weighs 97 Kg

so what you do where you arrive is the same place i want you to understand each other

that’s not worth working for, for example, people don’t ask a lot Ah

Rafael robot de Bitcoin Bitcoin robot works well man I think I

I believe there must be all the Bitcoin robots I’ve analyzed to date they

Either they have a very inexpressive result, or they break them

they break because volatility is the amplitude of volatility yields Bitcoin, it is very high, it is very

strong very high so currently robots and Bitcoin ethereal robots I think

that may exist but I still haven’t found any that make sense that

whether it has an interesting result and I won’t say the result in the long term because the

Bitcoin is a very new thing, right, but that consistency there from one year to two years I have never seen it because many

sometimes it’s like this you look at the robot and he’s earning 300% that month but in the next month he loses everything so it’s not worth it

it’s worth investing in this type of robot, right, but it’s a very, very

Bitcoin movement is interesting, I think it just doesn’t make much sense, you take it and analyze it

fundamentalist technique whatever it is, right?

Bitcoin he is he doesn’t have a lot of things that don’t make much sense but he’s the type

his movement doesn’t follow any kind of pattern Or she’s not, for example

I was just talking about the Euro SD, which is an incredible asset for you

work because it starts from one and goes to a maximum of 1.60, so the predictability you have with an asset like this is very

big is very big then you know that its maximum variation will be 60%

in history So you take a pound sterling you calibrate it also open here

o the pound sterling is another asset that his volatility screen is now with the

death of the queen in Europe gbp USD with the death of the queen he had a

certain variation here, he reached the minimum, right, so we know, let’s take it here, look, in 1985

the sterling pound was worth it here, it was worth it

one and 12 right one and 12 is here and today it is worth 1 and 14

the maximum it reached It was two here, you see 2.04 So it’s something that the

maximum of its variation will be double it will be 100% now you get the Real o

Real the maximum variation that the Real had was five times

five times so this variation that Real has it is very difficult to understand

administered when you talk about automated strategies when you

talk about robots But let’s go ahead, that’s not it. I open up a lot of relatives within relatives, let’s go

check these results are find carry out from time to time demonstrative

But this is not very relevant because many times

what happens guys this here look what is the account

real and what is a simulated account a demo account several companies

several sites they have statistics

in simulated account What is a simulated account is you get data

right And you don’t work with real money you work with money

simulated right so you can open a demo account There are several sites

you put it on Google there create a demo account in meta Trader 4 or in

meta Trader 5 which are the tools we work with you will see that you can create even in XP brokerages

Investimentos demo account XP Investimentos I had a demo account that I created in 2002

if I’m not mistaken then it was a demonstrative account of the payroll, invest if I don’t

I’m wrong and they gave a hundred thousand fictitious reais for you to buy and sell

actions and such was a very interesting thing to learn this is very good but what do people do them

they take these demonstrative accounts these accounts have a fictitious value in them

and then they put a robot to operate them or to do backtests that we

called that is to put the robot to work in the

history, right, as if the robot had been working on the history and they disclose

this as if this were real this guys is one of the biggest

deceptions that exist in the financial market, of course

this is interesting for you to have a base there is no robot here is a meeting

statement Ok some companies disclose this and say like this look at the results into account

demonstrative Ok interesting I’ll go deeper now There are companies that

they publicize it saying like this, these are the results of our robot, so the first question you have

what to do is what is this a real account or is this a statement point this was generated while statement was generated

in real account So that’s the question you have to ask for all

stats for all the results people put out saying this is the result of the x-robot this is

result of robot Y understood And another thing, this result has to be from one

brokerage that is certified let’s say like this one

brokerage that is recognized, because otherwise the guy invents some statistics

I invent the data there, I invent a brokerage and Beauty is like that

no, people, there has to be a base, there has to be a regulation, right

so I’m going to talk about this here ahead, it’s right in this commandment which is the

third commandment check brokers check reviews of brokers and platforms

with a site like complain here man this here is very relevant

brokerages brokerages brokerages are like banks, right, so we

you always work you never go a person who develops robots for example we develop robots here and such you

will never send me the money to put it in the robot no you will have to have a brokerage where the value

it will become available So you go there and open an account at the brokerage, right?

you hire the robot you select the robot you choose the robot you can meterize

you can put the parameters in it and then you will activate this robot and then you can

working with this robot and such but you depend on the broker so the broker

it has to be a broker in the example here we put the most

relevant, right, and I can talk about a broker for you the entire year that

there’s going to be time, right? But what I want to show you is that we have

two essential things within brokerage houses in Brazil we have XP Investimentos

there is toro Investimentos there is a guy put it on Google there investment brokerages Brazil has n

brokers But as I said in the previous order there to work in the

Brazil Man this is very relevant the Brazilian Stock Market

correspond to one percent of the Global Stock Market

If you understand this, Brazil’s GDP, if I’m not mistaken, corresponds to 2%, two and a half percent of World GDP, so

one thing that I always hit on that key is not letting you be

unpatriotic, right, but you are realistic So you have to understand that Brazil

it’s a country there are people who speak developing country, right, but Brazil is a

third world country Brazil is an underdeveloped country Brazil is a country that is not yet a great nation, right

so it’s even more so when talking about investment So we have to

put us in our shoes and analyze that the Brazilian real, for example, is the currency

Brazilian real is still a very weak currency, right? Leave one and go to five.

saw the pound sterling there would be a Deck there in England there, right, the queen died last week, free her

oscillates but its oscillation is a maximum of 100% a maximum of one to two not of

one for five equal to the real one for six practically the same time ago So you saw the Euro the Euro is also one

it’s one for one and 60 is 1.60 for one so even with the crisis we’re having in Europe

from the war gas and such the Euro fell a lot but it sustains itself so you

take the great nations There you take Japan you take the Japanese Yen if you

to see its range of variation it is also a small variation you take the Australian dollar you take the dollar

Canadian, you take the big nations, then you see that the variation

amplitude is much smaller than the Brazilian one, so that’s why we work in this direction, I’m going to talk about the

brokerages of the largest international brokerages and one of the most important things is

the question of the cost-benefit of working with them then is in relation to

costs here are the cheapest and this information I got from a site that

it does the checks in real time there, of course not this here

you can hit a hammer and say they are the cheapest because on this site it doesn’t get all the brokers So you can

there are brokers that are cheaper for you to work than those here but the three on the podium

here or there you mark Meu and FP marketters in this period evaluated here

then you tell me that no So this is marketing is top notch Look, we work with ethnicity because it’s not just

price right I think 1000 has very good support in Portuguese for FP Market

support in Portuguese is also very good and there are other brokers that also have support in

Portuguese language very good so we don’t indicate

no brokerage we even remember that this type of video that I

what I’m doing here is not an investment recommendation we don’t recommend investment we show what the

we do it here and we show you how it works, what are the

the alternatives But what you do with your money where you invest it is a

your decision you have to be responsible for all your investments, right, but the

we want to help you understand a little bit about this market, you know, this market you have to study

you have to study a lot but it is important to have a financial result

Positive, right? It’s no use, sometimes there are people who study a lot and specific areas there and have a result

positive financial but sometimes you don’t have financial freedom you don’t have this here it’s cool here man you can

work from anywhere on the planet, having an internet connection and a laptop

I use four monitors five monitors but I know that with two monitors already

I can work So just imagine being able to work from anywhere, right, so that’s why

I think it’s really worth it but let’s go there talking about brokers here, look at me

I also have a list of the biggest brokerages in the world, so we have ticmil, it’s one of the biggest in the world.

world this one this one xm if i’m not mistaken it’s xm it’s on the american stock exchange

if I’m not mistaken then there are all kinds of brokers there is a detail

here, let me see this, it’s very cool, this site here is the top

Brokers And on this site, here are the big brokerages, here, too, you have the

founding date then Forex robot founding date 2009 this one 2008 this one

from here 2009 and here it says where it is regulated or regulated, right then

the guy will say like this ah but the data from my robot here are from the broker

Joãozinho da Silva man Joãozinho da Silva can be a great broker only she is

regulated in some country what is the body that regulates it for example here

we remember that we were seeing your marketings there it is

regulated if I’m not mistaken here is in Australia this body here the body of

its regulation in Australia, we have this other one here, what if I don’t remember

mistake this is in Europe let me see if it shows any no but then all the brokers they

they are all not the serious brokers the brokers are the ones that are relevant in the world

they are regulated in some country you have to be careful because sometimes

they are regular in countries where regulation is not very demanding either So you have to have this one always have to

take a step back, people, you always have to analyze and see this here as income

variable So you will never say that ah I have 100% of my capital there

I’m going to put it in a brokerage like this one here and fine and I’m going to operate with a robot and

no, man, don’t do that because you can lose all your capital, there are many brokerages that despite being

regulated, they can break, so you have to be careful, don’t put that one

Old History does not put all its eggs in the same basket personal detail this brokerage here this brokerage here is the

only brokerage to my knowledge that is regulated by

cvm in Brazil So this is a very big differential, there is no other broker like this

international level let’s say that there is this regulation then Active

trailers has this differential their office is in Florianópolis is

well I’ve even been there these days ago and I want to see if I can make a video too I want to see if I

I visit them there and make a video for you showing more information and such but it is a brokerage that is very cool

Rafael is so let’s use it man it’s very top something we are

checking are still the costs because what we already saw like the comment of

personal is that it is a brokerage a little more expensive to work with, right?

it’s all cost-benefit folks it’s all cost-benefit we’ll be evaluating it still and

next he will be putting more information for you too but it is a very nice brokerage very good o

their service is in Portuguese, it’s in Brazil, so if you have any

Doubt, who knows, you can even send them an email there and they have to receive you to talk, their structure is

Very cool, there are some videos on their Instagram on their own Facebook

theirs and stuff so she’s from 2001 and she’s

regulated regulated better speaking in London, right in Terra da Rainha then

from the deceased queen, now the land of the king, right, but it is a very relevant brokerage

come on here there are other brokerages they have the dates they have this brokerage us

already worked and let’s see if there are more brokers here I think that’s it

ah there is a brokerage that we are currently working with and we saw that her cost-benefit is very good

service in Portuguese is very fast and dynamic and a service that solves

you know guys this is the one here FP Market FP marketing is working very well for

people and from afar we have seen that it is It is regulated in the European Union

and in australia she is an australian broker So

here there is a lot of information about it and this Australia headquarters has several

information site the service and such Oh they have a withdrawal deposit and withdrawal via

pics So this is very relevant. In addition, you can also make a website

deposits via dollar tetter using ambience so that’s another advantage that

we saw inside this brokerage another interesting thing is the withdrawal rate

deposit their deposit withdrawal rate is less than one percent It depends a lot on the

that you use to make your bag sometimes it can reach up to 3%. 3% is a lot

right Very expensive so you have to be aware of that guys but

speaking of brokerage, this one for us at the moment is bringing the

the best has been the best value for money OK

That’s it, let’s go ahead, let me see if there’s any more information about the brokerage, it’s not available here at 10

best brokers in Brazil, xtb if I’m not mistaken, this one is

regulated it is listed on a very large very strong stock exchange

also but that’s it let me see if you have more information

here the brokers

also a list of brokers is always nice guys and Google and put it there

brokers understand understood and see the regulation because sometimes you will also see it on the website here and it will say

so the brokerage is regulated But you will enter the site You have to see it inside the site So let’s get it

here for example we were watching let me see if there is

FP marketing for example let’s see if its regulation

it really is here, always at the bottom of the site there is information about the

regulation always not the vast majority of the time So here is the information and you can see about it here

a legal Educational account I think we are here legal documents here you can

see also here o Contact Us

of privacy [Music] Where are my people

here it says the registration number but the registration number does not help you here

the person can write whatever he wants inside the site so he writes what he wants now inside the site which is the site

regulator, right, she can’t then the

what you can do you can find here the link to the most

here the regulations they put a link that goes straight

to the website of the company that makes the regulation So

let’s see if the link to the official website is here as if it were the government website

understood licensing

here it says it’s on [Music]

in the European Union if I’m not mistaken let me see if there’s a link here

I think that

you have to dig people you have to spend a little time because they are things

which are things that we have to be

I’m always on the lookout, I’m always checking, I’m not going to find it here now

negotiation start

because FP markets I think here

here she doesn’t DNA he doesn’t go he actually has another

thing that is interesting look This is a site like a Reclame Aqui look and it is five stars look when you

click here or you will go to the site that would be like a Claim Here

Mundial o and here will say the information about the company it has

93% excellent, see man, that’s hardly it, it can be

manipulated I will translate here look and here you can see look Good service

such such attentive educated attentive guy very relevant this here right so it’s

we always have to keep an eye on this information, let’s get another brokerage here let me see the

it is also a brokerage that has a great cost-benefit ratio and then we will see in the footer

here how it’s showing up look if it’s happy

stock regulation

Partner about look here look at regulation licenses and regulation you see look there they

they say here this site here is an example of what a brokerage site has to

do so it will say where it is regulated here, for example

in the European Union and here I can click on the link you see if I click on this link here I am directed to the site

oficial which is the FCA inside the website of

government of the European Union are understanding and here there are a thousand ticks all

I can translate the information here I will see all the information talking about ticken 1000 which is a

total company that is regulated company activities can be protected the company is Registration now

so I can see the information inside the official website have to be careful

to see if the site is the official site even the vast majority of times the official site is period So you always have to see if the site is a cool site but

in this case, we saw that it is impossible for you to put your name

within one of a website that regulates in a fraudulent way let’s say

so then very good if we go to see Active is also a brokerage that if you go there at the bottom of it

Look here, it’s already saying, CTM, if I’m not mistaken, talk about the cvm

here too so here it is not authorized by cvm to offer directly

the state total property distribution service in Brazil none of this content should be treated

there it says that

look here the opening of the account authorized and regulated by the central bank

you see, look, here are the regulations for local services here

that the natural person is legal so that is this cvm resolution here

if you go to Google and put cvm resolution with this regulation here

it’s a guidance opinion, in fact you’ll find it and you can see that it’s her

it is not authorized it says here oh it is not

authorized but it has this regulation that I believe gives the possibility

to deliver through the distribution system of

universal values ​​is like a correspondent I believe but it is the more technical issue there and of juris de

get married, right, but it’s the only one I know that has this in Brazil, it has an office in Brazil

and from there to there so I believe that for higher values ​​Ah Rafael I want

activating a robot with $100 you can’t even activate the robot, I mean there’s even a

possibility but it is very difficult but let’s say like this ah I want to activate the robot with 200 dollars you don’t need this structure

let’s say so, then you can use ticmil you can use SP

marketing is easier sending pics and such now Rafael me

I want to put 10 thousand dollars I want to put 50 thousand dollars I want to put one

million dollars, who knows, maybe a brokerage firm that has

headquartered in Brazil a much more structured brokerage Let’s put it as soon as there is

a service in Brazil and Florianópolis her office

so it’s a much more robust thing, right?

and it is not possible to say that it is safer, right because the security It

it depends on the robot you choose, but she is much more

it is much more robust, the word is robust is much more You have a door

there you can hit if your money disappears, it didn’t disappear in the sense that it has

two ways to lose money you can say operating with robots has the

way to lose money when you get ripped off by the brokerage that’s what here

it will hardly happen and there is a way for the Robot Strategy to lose money which is also a thing

it can happen so you have to stay tuned on these issues OK let’s move on now

we are in which then in the third commandment still ours but come on it is

a minimum of one year activity in the Positive Strategy, so this here is really cool

defined the broker or understood that the broker you are using that you are

vendo is a regulated broker is a regulated broker in a relevant country such as the third party

commandment he says this here is very similar to wine always remember that

a robot has to be like life, let alone wine

old better of course there are some very old ones that may not be very old

but the older the better the older the better we have a

strategy that we study there that it is from 2016

there is another strategy that we were seeing there that is from 2009 if I am not mistaken then strategies

that have a very long positive track record are the best

There is an Investment Fund that I was looking at here too, this one is an Investment Fund in Brazil

later I will talk more about it but it is an Investment Fund that is running and is active

since 13 he’s been seeing it here since 2013 he’s been having

very interesting results then I will show you more information but the older we are the better

there are strategies there that are newer and sometimes they don’t last long so Rafael What is the minimum for

me active for me choose a strategy activate it for me to see if it works and such and

I mean, the minimum time that a strategy has to be active in the account

real with all that we already talked about the previous commandments there would be there

at least at least at least three to six months less than that’s a lot

difficult for us, no matter how little it is, no matter how much 200 dollars

It is very difficult for you to understand that a strategy works with either strategy

be interesting So it’s really cool it’s a year two years then you can already

you understand better and see that the strategy works and such a strategy here, what we’re doing

available here, it’s been there since 2017 at the end of 2016 2017 and it has all this

history this history that is available for access within the brokerage firm if I’m not mistaken

so you can access this information here also within the

brokerage he is making an average of seven points 17% Since the 12th of 2016

this strategy here It’s from afar here I study investment robots It’s been a good time

this in the financial market It’s been a few years and this one was the top 1

so we found it there and that we show people there how

reference right But come on then at least one year of positive activity

of the Strategy right Sometimes some strategies have a dalgral and it becomes a

negative month positive month even negative positive month the one I showed there it’s all positive months So that’s

very rare This is very difficult, this Investment Fund here, if you go

see, there were several months that it became negative, you can see that there is a little menu in front of it, sometimes it stays

until the negative year this here is the best investment fund I can’t say it’s the best but it’s the most

profitable if I’m not mistaken it’s the most profitable in the history of Brazil a highly

profitable he arrived look he was 15 in one year he was negative 15% in the second

year it was 32% negative then he already started making money she made 89% in the

third year there The other year he scored 400%. so it’s a very background

interesting the name of this fund if you want to see more information about it is the visa long fund

Bia sede final a National Fund very Brazilian fund

relevant, very interesting, but even so, we see that it is a fund that has accumulated here, right?

those accumulated so he got negative 15 20 negative he accumulated negative 32 in the second year So just imagine

you spend two years looking at your money and from the first year it is 15% negative if

put 100 thousand reais And then he has a negative 15 thousand reais in the

first year and in the second year it is negative 32 thousand reais, you have to have a stomach, you have to have a stomach, but

look at the results afterwards, they were absurd, right, so he already recovered here, he did 20% then he did 180%,

then he made 164%. then it went back to 23%, but it already accumulated, right?

It was already the most beautiful thing here, in the fourth year he had four invested money

400%, old is a lot of money so it’s a very interesting background very interesting

but it is a background that the person has to have a stomach there to be able to

wait for a positive result for two years just imagine it’s a relatively long time in this case here that

I’m talking about this robot, he’s been positive since the first month, so very cool, let’s go ahead

what to check this strategy has overcome at least one major crisis here

o This is very relevant many strategies are very good while the market is ok so ah the market is ok

wind in spare the SP is going up or everything is going up everything is going up everything is ok

thousand marvels The dollar is on its level the world is top ball show the robot

It’s great, the robot works very well, when there’s a crisis, for example, it was

the pandemic for example the war now the robot loses everything then

you have to look in the robot’s history and see

for example like this when the crisis x happened when the crisis Y happened like

what was the behavior of this strategy How was the behavior of this robot

let’s take here for example, we have all the dates or here below the dates and the results look like that

it was windy here, look, 2019 was very good there, there was covid

here o covid was here oh 2020 right then

That one was doing very well That one held back and now he’s at a point, okay?

still positive but he’s not as aggressive as he was before so that

it’s also very interesting, guys, let’s go ahead and calculate the average

monthly this is very important guys Sometimes the guy says oh no because the robot gave so much percent in the month so much

for being in the other guy calculates the average percentage

annual for example from the Strategy So you can you

with that you can know in the monthly average if he is really cool because

today in Brazil we will put the SELIC like this

it’s 12 13 if you think you in the treasure

direct is in any application that earns 100% of the CDI for example picpay No

Brazil if I’m not mistaken it’s yielding one percent So open a picpay account leave your

money there and one percent on average there, you’ll get it but then

why am I saying this because a robot that gives a two percent average in the month?

it’s worth the risk for me to earn one percent a month with virtually no risk

that when you work with up to a hundred and a few thousand there you have the guarantee of the FGC guarantee fund, right?

so sometimes if you choose a robot that earns less than one percent a month

it’s not worth it it’s not worth it you put it there and leave it on the fixed income, you know

so it always calculates the robot’s monthly percentage to see if it’s worth it

or not ok let’s go forward let’s go to the

sixth commandment this one gets a lot of people this one gets a lot of people and

I got it several times I say like this, every time you want them all I think it’s all one or the other

99.3% of the cases I lost in the market were due to this commandment here

greed has a limit That is, I have several

strategies that I work in arbitration I have the certification of

Google I work with digital marketing too so I have experience in

ad arbitrage market is another story but there I managed

do 20% 50% of course without scale because here we are talking about a

unsurpassed scale let’s say so but

I could do it on Google and Google AdSense using Facebook

Arbitrage and such I could do and still manage to do 20% 50% almost without scale, right without

scale but up to 100% 120%, right this is possible I play like this

that if you go to the traffic light to sell water, you buy water for 50 cents and sell it for R$ 5

So you do what percent on top you do 100 200 500% on top of the water if

If you sell a signal, but you can’t scale it, you’ll be able to sell 10 waters a day, 50 waters a day

you won’t be able to sell a million water a day, so that’s the scale problem but I come a lot

of this issue of Bá It’s 20% for me it was it

little and in this type of business 20% for me was little in the financial market

20% is absurdly good 20% a month is supposed to be an idea, right?

Warner buffet who is the biggest investor in the history of planet earth he makes 20%

a year, right? And it’s already a lot So there’s even a history that if you

had put 10 thousand reais with him at the beginning of his activities today you

would have 10 million reais so it’s very strong 20% ​​a year and then what do we

wants to make us think he is the king of the black coconut and he wants to put it and he wants to do 20% a month man 20% a month I won’t say

it’s impossible, it’s possible, but every month it’s very difficult, so 20% a year

month hardly lasts a long time and then it’s no use making 20% ​​in the month

and in the other month you lose all of this even with results greater than 20% to be this here is

very cool right There’s a series I was watching that is always what comes after luck

sometimes always whenever it comes after luck is

bad luck always comes after luck it’s hard for you to be lucky your whole life of course sometimes it is

possible detergent that wins in the mega-sena but we can’t give chance to the

bad luck so here the minimum six months is not to check if the relegation is not

it was very high so this here look at this here this is a strategy

it would be a print that I took inside as if it were inside the brokerage, right? And

then look how cool he managed to do a thousand percent Oh no 10 thousand per

one cent man take any amount then take a thousand reais a thousand reais make 10 thousand percent 10

thousand percent you will make 100 thousand

how long one month two months three months

Top huh It’s possible it’s possible it’s likely it’s very unlikely right

you have to separate the probable from the possible it is possible to win in the mega-sena it is possible

it’s likely probably you the chance that you

have too low so we don’t work with

Very small probabilities, right? There’s even a study that says from FGV that 97% of

people lose when they invest in day trade right in income

in variable income in between which is very risky indeed and there are other statistics that say that

even from Active Traders who say that 85% of those who invest with them lose money, right?

And there’s another statistic from a company that was stratified in the United States if I’m not mistaken

later I can put in the description link that with more information But she said that

91% of people make money when they invest using

they say portfolio of robots, right, port strategies so it’s a business that

inverts this pyramid, right, of more people losing than winning So that’s

very interesting but coming back here look at this graph here is fantastic

man I entered I entered this strategy here I activated my robot

here and there I managed to do it here I managed to double the capital in a month and

such but it’s like I have a certain experience there

and there is a lot of strategy that they work in a very leveraged way and with

and the strategy itself is not that healthy so you see the strategy doesn’t smell good let’s say

so then and then it broke Look what happened here

o in August it broke so it was born in may june and july got to do the

10 thousand percent And then in August it went bankrupt it lost all the capital it had

it had in it So if the owner of the Strategy had the smartness to withdraw the value because man

a strategy that gives 300% in the month you do it, you know, you tripled your

money quadrupled your money you go there put a thousand reais turned 5,000 you take your thousand or take two thousand you have to

to get mine you have to get it so you have to stay tuned in that beauty

very aggressive strategies tend to lose everything in the long run that is

a very relevant fact Let’s go to 7 number 7 to check the style of the

operations in my provisions personal value this here guys is very

interesting there are strategies that they risk

a lot per operation so some strategies and you can see that

inside the brokerage they also win and lose every day

Rafael How healthy it is to win and lose in a day if you go through the history Sometimes

you see strategies that lose 3% on the day 5% on the day seven percent that is these

strategies are risking a lot, right, their leverage level is very

high so what is interesting to do is to study strategies and see

in the history here, for example I have let’s see a history very quickly here this one is Smart boot is the biggest

development company I believe it is right I don’t know of any other that is as big as

this notebook in Brazil of investment robots and here inside the

their history we can see the results you see here look 49 he lost lost 171 lost

100 like that one won 19 you see he lost here you can see the values ​​he lost he is operating with 60

thousand reais this robot here this here later I’ll talk a little more but the big disadvantage that I

I think of smartphot is to depend on a relatively high volume of Capital to be

activate a robot But that’s a matter for the future what I mean o 171

corresponds to how much percent of 60 thousand understood so you always have to give

a look at these operations and see if the loss value is not like this for example

if it were 10% it would be 6000 a loss So if you are going to organize it here and an hour

you can export these hours, most of them allow you to support Excel and you can go there in Excel

organize the biggest losses in the history of the robot or the strategy and then

you can see if not wait there it lost 10% in one day

the strategy is very leveraged so here it is losing a little one by one

percent half percent 0.3%, Ok is a strategy that Possibly can be healthy now if

you see the gaps here if you see 10% loss on the day my friend there you have it

to keep your ears up because it can be a strategy that is

that is very leveraged, that has a very high volume and such then it is a

something that has to be connected to check the history and see this variation here

this one gives the draw right this maximum loss percentage of operations that you

you have to stay very connected very closely Rafael What is the healthy

we have strategies that we work with that will run around 8%

not giving the daily grade but giving the specific grade look how interesting

this Investment Fund remember that I spoke of the investment fund that is crazy that is one of the best in the

Brazil, you see that here I want you to stay tuned, there is a detail here, look, it has 200 million it is running

200 million is the money there volatility 12 months there is a detail that

that’s how the quota holders have more than a thousand funds If I’m not mistaken then sometimes it is

what I see a lot is Funds that

for example if you take it everywhere one hour you will hit the target, right?

so sometimes this happens a lot, some Funds I’m not saying it’s this one I’m talking bad about anyone

Remembering that this is not a personal investment recommendation when you shoot for everything when you

there are investment robots on the smartbook here

there must be more than a thousand robots so hardly in a specific period some are not positive, right, so there is

to stay tuned in this let’s come back here talking about dragon that is how much the

robot is negative or when he loses and then he wins Look at the daldraw of this strategy, the current one has 42%

so it’s negative 42% right now here this is the

daldraw based on the maximum profit he had here oh so he had here oh

reached 1853 percent and now it’s in

1027 If you take 1027 for 1,700 it should be around this 42% here which is

the daldrão then heavy from the side too heavy I think like 50% be careful because if he hits

in the 100th we lost everything last week there was one of the investment funds that had if I didn’t remember

mistake there was not a billion but there were a few million there and it reached zero All investors were zeroed

imagine how many people investing are let’s get here look at are

1043 quota holders, right, so there are people there who are investing in this case, here I am having results

positive but just imagine if a business here turns around, right? Very complicated, no. Let’s dry the

background of the colleagues there but it is very expensive in the background this one here, imagine there

look at the size of the fund where is the amount of capital it has 220

millions this here is deep But let’s go back here to check the style of the

operations the style of operations

increase the position is what I was talking about there check the daldrago check how the operations are

done in general Ok never starts with strategy values ​​a

this here o This here is very serious guys

And then I want to make two caveats in relation to the Smart boot a smartbook the

minimum it was to operate it was a while ago then it was to operate

in a specific portfolio they created it was r$ 3,000

for an investor it’s not much it’s nothing practically now for those thinking about starting to invest I think it’s already

kinda heavy Of course It depends a lot on the social condition of the person but it’s a little out of reality, right, so a person there

who earns 3 thousand a month, five thousand a month up to 10 thousand reais a month put 13 in

a variable income strategy, right, it’s kind of complicated but let’s go another one

detail that I want to talk about Smart boot o R$ 500 reais per month R$ 300 per month Let’s put an average here 300 350 400

Let’s put an average of 400 So there are several strategies they have here but these strategies have a fixed cost

relatively high, if it were R$ 400

how much do i need to make per month for me to pay r$ 400 just to keep the

system is understanding so 400 per month I need to do

40% profit investing R$ 1000 I will say just for me to pay the strategy I

I have to pay more brokerage I have to pay more, you understand So these

these systems that have a relatively high fixed cost They are complicated

for you to activate because these fixed can become I already had a strategy that I tested that can make the system

unfeasible so that’s why they depend on the high capital volume to work, right if I go

here if I go get it here let me see something here I can see

here I took one of the most sought after there I have it in the graph here o here I have it

here this chart here this one if I’m not mistaken it’s the first in the ranking So let’s say that this strategy that

it costs a minimum of R$ 200 per month to run this strategy R$ 200 per month, here it is

month one of 2021 of month one of 2021 she

I had 59 thousand until here, 59 he had it again, look

one from 2001 to 6 from 2002 he didn’t win

not even a real he stayed at the mall he doesn’t live that we talk about so he stayed at zero to zero here but only that the

monthly fee is not included in this value here so if you are going to do it, it was 16

months he stayed in this mall he doesn’t get wet 16 months times let’s say 200

reais you had to pay R$ 3,200 just for the robot’s monthly fee, you understand

that’s what I mean if it’s not a very expressive volume of Capital I’m

talking about 30,000 reais 50,000 reais, who knows, but there, too, if the volume

of Capital is greater you will have to pay more we will also see here click on this cart here

is that what is the cart to buy, right here, look, it costs

how much does it cost 89 this one is still cheap 89 it costs per month right

so it is more relaxed to work with but if you are going to work with

a smaller volume of Capital I think 60 thousand we would not be able to run

this robot here but details so there is the amount of contracts there are

a volume of capital and the more you put money a few times how much

the more you put money, the more expensive it is, you see, so it is proportionally more expensive

depending look here the group

he won’t show it but if I’m not mistaken there are two mini index contracts that he operates

here you have access

he won’t say but if I’m not mistaken it’s the most basic plan you have to pay in addition to that 80 you have to

have a plan for you to pay for and such then man it’s interesting Smart boot is

interesting I have several videos on the channel over there talking smartbook and such and if you’re lucky and one and a volume of

Expressive capital I think it can be an alternative but it is very complicated

this time he has no positive results to see the best robot in the ranking

even so he spent 16 months without earning money 16 months without earning money for me it is

a lot, right, look at these periods here, he stays in this key, he doesn’t wet something

also that it is a criticism and the Smart boot is that from what I understand it has here

inside there are backtest results and there are results in a real account, then another

something that is kind of hazy, so we never know if this is backtec because, look, it seems that it only gives money in

specific period and after the becktest is over, it doesn’t give money so look, it looks like

here It’s backtest it looks like the robot in real account right so it’s fine

interesting but it is something there that is an option is an option and in Brazil expensive

this here is on top of the curve like this outside the curve, right

You have a strategy there, there are several filters that you can do, but one is a system that

It’s pretty interesting it might make sense to a lot of people due to

accentability has come, look here, let’s take this one, take this one, look

600% in two years just look here 600% in two years just look like here

Ruben test here it looks like his real account what he won he reached 37 thousand now he’s 29 he lost 7000

that’s what I’m talking about the best robots, this one is the third best robot in the ranking of all robots in

company 3rd from month 8 of the 21st to month 9 of the 22nd then

in one year it went from 37 thousand to 29 thousand, not counting the cost that you have here

you can click on this cart here, you see it and here you see the values ​​and such of

robot not to mention that it costs 389 per month and

with two Mini contracts From what I understood here that is one, you will be limited in a volume of Capital as well

so it’s hard hard to say it’s worth it

but it is an option there that people I think have to study the

we have to always be studying, always evaluating and that’s it, let’s move forward, so yeah

start with smaller values ​​another detail remember the background i was talking about here look what is the top background of the galaxy this

bottom here, it’s a Top fund, right man, look how much he accumulated here, look at him

got to be 1853 positive

man, a very nice background Only there is a little detail here, it’s a little detail

Relative, right, but it’s a relevant detail because it’s relative Rafael, because there are people who can invest

in this fund, except that it depends on a minimum door of half a million 500 thousand

real you can say that this fund is not for everyone, right, a fund that is for few here

there is a performance fee of 20%, they also charge for that here too, you have to be aware

people because most Funds this here I think who knows this here is better than a Smart boot of

in a way because it doesn’t have it you don’t pay you will pay a performance fee the fund makes a profit the fund’s owners

makes money if the fund doesn’t make a profit they don’t make it Although it still has the management fees it has the

fees that you will still have to pay but in general you do not pay a monthly fee

right then it might be a better alternative than

that an investment robot is such, but the minimum investment amount for it is a little high, right, but

he is very relevant he is very interesting and he is dangerous, right because

this one gives his degree is kinda high but that’s a subject for another video

come on let’s go to nine We’re getting to the end guys We’re getting to the end

this video is going to be a little long but I hope that after you watch this video here you talk like this now I

I know how to choose a strategy choose a robot Or at least a light like that in yours

head you will have to choose a robot and such I think this here is practically becoming a class on how

choose a robot or a variable income investment strategy let’s go

what is net profitability i.e. How much was my

decrease in yield Total looks for a strategy to activate this here I was just talking about the end, right.

it costs nothing just pay a commission on the profit that’s a lot

this fund that I’m talking about here is relevant, it’s a fund that charges 20% of what it is

performance fee, that is, he will charge 20% of what they earn, let’s

say, you put a thousand reais and at the end of the year there were r$ 2,000 they

they will charge 20% of the profit of those thousand reais that you had in profit so they will

staying with 200 reais I think it’s very fair I think it’s very relevant because because the guys did it

money for you and they can have a stake in that outcome

when you pay in a fixed way For example when a robot there from the smartbook

and this is much more difficult, you know, because sometimes you pay and you don’t

having a return, right, so it’s kind of complicated, but here there are other Funds AND

there Here you can see that each fund has a specific variation So let’s take this fund here, look

equity such aggressive [Music] top 10 stock market top 10 Let’s go

take this one which is one of the top Look let’s see how much they charge

look here the rate is my standard at 2% per year 2% maximum administration and then they

they charge 20% more of the result this fund here already has the result more

it’s a little complicated he’s doing it without let’s get it here Total here look since 2014

he’s doing [Music] 182 right accumulated background pretty cool too

and it is already a fund that accepts smaller values ​​up to 5,000, it accepts some

some are closed guys you will see a fund like this one and sometimes you won’t be able to invest because it’s

closed look at an interesting detail Look what I talked about

strategies that went through major crises

here we are talking look this here is the graphic brain people who analyze

strategy analyze They look at the S500 chart you look

on the Ibovespa you look at several charts and you look at the number down here, you see 2000 this is the invitation man

here is the pandemic so you see it from here and you already see that the market

financial meltdown practically in this period And then the strategy it came a lot

leveraged in relation to this one is the Stock Market, right?

Alfa America Latina should be a fund that invests in Latin America and the

United States, who knows, I don’t know, I think it’s more Latin America, right because

multimercado but let’s see what happened the bottom plummeted and plummeted

so much so that the CD for those who don’t know the CDI is the fixed income CDI is you put

money as if it were in savings, right, you invest in a very safe investment, so no

is it worth taking a risk in the variable income market if you have a fixed income

which is the little blue one and it got smaller the fall it had got to be smaller than the fixed income

So it was a pretty rough drop, now it’s coming back, Brazil’s booming here right now and it’s

coming very strong he went from 9 103 113 to 179 so he had a good one here

here at the very end here in month 6 now it’s month 7 until month 9 very nice this one

background here huh Very cool but he needed a deadline and let’s see the

his drauz gives the draw I told you look at him there was a period where he stayed

46% negative for Oral well Very complicated just imagine you see it from one

one day you have 10 thousand and the next day you have

gave 46 So you would have 54 thousand sorry 54

10,000 you would have 5,400, so it’s one

relatively high relegation there, let’s see a detail here, look how cool the

months, right, look at the first month 25 very consistent in it 34 70 100 oh no this one

here is the accumulated sorry 25 6 33 20 14

13 Remember I said that arambafert is the richest guy in the world there he used to

20 per year on average these people who have a good average imagine just six 33 20 14

you have to say that those went very well, right, 13

those from Gringo there, right? A You got them and then last month they did

a good result right 5%. well, it’s not so good because the CDI gave 129 and it’s here

below it does not give 13 12 7 whatever and here 30% per year

Look and it was in that year in that some 30% that’s what

I was looking at the graph there 30% of a year is 10% more than in

average but very interesting very nice people but that doesn’t mean to

you two times with weight you invest in a type of fund like this one

than you investing in a robot will have a fixed cost for you

keep them because here you have a cost at the end, right? You will have the cost of

performance which is 20% of what is gained so understanding so it is a lot of times

Of course you have to do the math, right, but a lot of times it’s worth a fund

of this type here than a robot, that’s a strategy I don’t like

talk a lot about investment robots because people think it’s a little robot that’s there, buying and selling, but not

sometimes it’s true, but most of the time it’s not just a little robot, it’s a human being behind it, squeezing the

little screws for it to run well so I like to talk about strategy that encompasses everything in general

let’s go to the last the last and not least correspondence this here is a lot

relevant when we talk specifically about investment robots As I said to you, there are robots that

they work on multi platforms so for example I was talking about the

brokers, then it is possible for you to activate the Robot In a brokerage in another

brokerage And then what happens from brokerage to brokerage can give

difference can give variation So you have to be very aware because

i have happened to me many times many times not once specifically

a very critical thing happened because I had a strategy

specific right that I hired And then the strategy, for example, there was a day there

that you saw How do you say the statistics made available by

they inside their brokerage house, let’s say, in their system and there was there

won 200 reais today but in my real account it was less than r$

200 then the other day in my account there was more than r$ 500 on a nice day then I went to see

there in his statistics it was minus fifty reais, you know, so it didn’t match

it didn’t hit and when it doesn’t hit and it’s on the positive side ok that ah you did there

r$ 400 on the day and there in the original statistics let’s say that’s how it is

lost R$ 50 okay, but sometimes what happened there in the statistics was

that he won a thousand reais and I lost R$ 100, so this type of

statistic that it has to be verified So from the moment you activate a robot from what you

activates a strategy You have to see if the result they are showing

these companies show that it’s there at the specific brokerage there, it matches your result of your account of yours

your application’s strategy Ok so guys I think that’s it

here I think I showed at least 5% more or less

what we do here what we study what we work but I hope

that helped you, don’t forget this video, it took some work, so don’t forget to leave the

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going deeper you can say that within our systems here we have more more than

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we are always evaluating But if we went to show you everything, we spend a whole year here talking and we don’t say everything

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