How to Choose the Best Strategies on Copytrade Tickmill

Tickmill’s new CopyTrader is revolutionizing the choice of the best strategies. With the innovation introduced by Tickmill, it is now possible to filter and select the most relevant strategies for your success. We know that the age of strategies plays a crucial role in their reliability. Consistent strategies, with more than a year of activity with positive results, are the ones that stand out.

We understand that 70% to 97% of trading strategies can result in financial losses, which is why choosing consistent strategies is essential for making significant profits. With new filter, you can see the difference. Initially, there are almost 800 active strategies available to you (see Figure 01).

But by applying the filter and selecting a 50% annual return, we narrow the search to only strategies that have shown a positive performance of 50% or more over the course of a year. This significantly reduces the number of strategies to about 8 (see Figure 02).

And, among these 8 strategies, only 4 have a drawdown of less than or close to 30%. This means that these strategies aren’t as leveraged and probably don’t utilize high-risk tactics such as the grid or martingale.

Here are the mentioned strategies:

  1. TwoBirds
  2. Stable Growth
  3. FortunaMax TCM

It is critical to choose a strategy with equity equivalent to the amount you want to invest and thoroughly evaluate the strategy. Remember that there is no foolproof strategy in the trading world, but with careful selection and proper analysis, you can increase your chances of success.