Social Trader: how to copy the FortunaMax TCM strategy on Tickmill

Have you ever thought about investing in the financial market following in the footsteps of successful traders? This is the proposal of Social Trader, a platform that allows you to copy the operations of other investors automatically and proportionally.

In this article, you will learn about Social Trader, how it works, what are the advantages and risks of this type of investment and how to copy the FortunaMax TCM strategy at Tickmill , one of the largest brokers in the world, which obtained a return of 71% in the last year.

What is Social Trader?
Social Trader is a way of investing online that is based on the exchange of information and the copying of operations between users of a platform. Just like conventional social networks, you can create a profile, publish content, follow people, comment and like posts.

The difference is that, on Social Trader, the content is about the financial market and the people you follow are professional or amateur traders who share their strategies, analysis and results. You can monitor the performance of these traders and decide whether you want to copy their operations to your own account, proportionally and automatically.

This way, you can benefit from the experience and knowledge of more successful traders without needing to study or analyze the market yourself. Furthermore, you can interact with other investors, ask questions, exchange ideas and broaden your financial horizons.

How does Social Trader work?
To participate in Social Trader, you need to register on a platform that offers this service, such as Tickmill , an online broker that allows you to trade various assets, such as currencies, shares, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies.

When opening your account with Tickmill , you can choose between two modes of operation: manual or social. In manual mode, you make your own operations, based on your analysis and strategy. In social mode, you can explore the profiles of other traders on the platform and see information such as:

Name or nickname
Photo or avatar
Country of origin
Length of experience
Preferred assets
Risk level
Historical return
Number of followers
Number of copiers
When you find a trader who has a profile compatible with yours, you can start following him to receive updates about his operations. You can also interact with him through comments or private messages.

If you want to go further and copy this trader’s operations, just click a button and define how much money you want to allocate to this copy. From then on, all operations he makes will be replicated in his account, in proportion to the amount invested.

For example, if you copy a trader with R$1,000 and he opens an operation with 10% of his balance (R$100), an operation will be opened in your account with 10% of your balance (R$100). If he closes the transaction with a 20% profit (R$120), in your account you will also have a 20% profit (R$120).

You can copy as many traders as you want, as long as you respect the minimum and maximum balance required by the platform. You can also stop copying a trader at any time without penalties or fees.

What are the advantages of Social Trader?
Social Trader offers a series of advantages for anyone who wants to invest in the financial market, especially for beginners or those who do not have enough time or knowledge. See some of them:

Access to experienced traders: you can learn from those who are already successful in the market and copy their winning strategies.
Portfolio diversification: you can invest in different assets and markets, following traders specialized in each of them.
Saving time and money: you don’t need to spend hours studying or analyzing the market, nor pay for courses or consultancies.
Risk control: you can choose traders with risk profiles compatible with yours and set loss limits for each copy.
Transparency and trust: You can see each trader’s history and performance, as well as other users’ opinions and reviews.
Interaction and collaboration: you can be part of a community of investors, exchange experiences, tips and feedback.
What are the risks of Social Trader?
Despite the advantages, Social Trader also involves some risks that must be considered before adopting this type of investment. See some of them:

Excessive dependence: You may become complacent and fail to develop your own skills and knowledge as an investor.
Lack of discretion: You can follow or copy traders without checking their reputation, consistency or suitability for your profile.
Market volatility: You can lose money if the trader you copy makes wrong or risky trades, or if the market changes suddenly.
Individual responsibility: You are solely responsible for your investment decisions, even if they are based on the decisions of other traders. How to copy the FortunaMax TCM
strategy on Tickmill ? One of the most popular and profitable strategies on Tickmill ‘s Social Trader is the
FortunaMax TCM , which returned 71% last year. This strategy is based on technical and fundamental analysis, using indicators such as moving averages, Fibonacci, support and resistance, among others.

To copy the FortunaMax TCM strategy on Tickmill , you need to follow the following steps:

Open an account with Tickmill if you don’t already have one.
Access social mode on the Tickmill web platform .
Search for the FortunaMax TCM trader in the search field.
Click on the “Copy” button on the trader’s profile.
Define the amount you want to invest in the copy (minimum $500 USD) and the leverage (1:500).
Confirm the copy and wait for the operations to be replicated on your account.
Ready! You are now copying the FortunaMax TCM strategy on Tickmill and can track the results in your account. Remember that you can stop copying at any time if you want.

Social Trader is an innovative and democratic way of investing in the financial market, taking advantage of collective intelligence and social interaction. With this platform, you can follow and copy experienced traders, diversify your portfolio, save time and money, control your risk, and be part of a community of investors.

However, you need to be careful and careful when choosing the traders you will copy, check their history and performance, monitor their operations and set loss limits. Also remember that the market is volatile and that you are solely responsible for your investment decisions.

If you are interested in Social Trader and want to know more about this type of investment, visit the Tickmill website and explore the possibilities it offers. You can start with a demo account, without risking real money, and then move on to a real account, with low amounts.

Social Trader can be a great opportunity for you to learn, interact and profit from other investors. But don’t forget that every investment involves risks and that you need to study and be informed before entering this market.