Copy trade within one of the largest Forex brokers in the world

Hello guys everything in a good Cool let’s go there for the video that today the video is very cool guy is very very cool let’s talk about the best strategiesevaluated by me is Copy trade ie the strategies that I identified as the most relevant within one of the largest Forex brokers in the worldthen let’s go there for the video reminding people that this is not investment recommendation So let’s go there if you put on Google today is better Traders than a thousand is you will acquire for those who do not know for those who do not know is one of the largest brokers in the world so a few months I think it was one or two months ago they activated the tool that is called cop trade copytrade is you are able to copy the successful trades the trades that are already having a relevant result on the platform so go there in the best trade of that 1000 or better copy trade Stick 1000 also you will be able to see is very cool personalatiki 1000 every month she is available is not know how is his agreement with Traders but she launches on the site after I can even show on the site of you is the result of the people who made the most money within the thousand team and the statement of it with the operations with the orders that were made the assets that were bought the that was bought what was sold is dollar Euro gold right What the person did to achieve such an incredible result has a table there that is some trades come to earn like 200 thousand dollars 50 thousand dollars is very cool I think so of the brokers today they will say so among the 5 among the 10 largest brokers there best brokers in the world atiki 1000 has this differenceso this differential to show results of this very transparent So but come on put on Google therebest trades down here I have an article that I did here oh that’s inside LinkedIn so here inside LinkedIn has this article here that you can locate if I’m not mistaken it’s between the third quarter result here best investments copy Trader is tick 1000 down here let me put here oh I’ll already put copy Trader that it already goes directbest copy Traders Stick 1000 look how cool it will already give me my result here this result here is mine is an article I did it will already give me this result here so he will say that I will click here to see not better investmentsAnd then you will already be able to have access to this article that I did Look that coolpersonal is here was made an evaluation No, it was not made an evaluation like thisvery deep, because their filter system, the filter system is doranking of the best dat strategies that a thousand are not, let’s say so, it’s not well finished, yet, it has enough to improve, but I’ve already brought so the strategies that I think relevant to pass to you, I think it’s already worth it, we see the strategies and and we analyze these results then: Here within this ranking here I can show you later how I got to this information down to the very end here O here are the criteria here O more information and criteria here I demonstrate the reasons that led me to rank these strategies is according to their score so what I evaluate in them and I evaluate for example the total that they managed to reach the maximum financial return This one got 255%. That’s where the amount of points according to Daldraw according to relegation so there’s strategys that has a very high drawdown which makes them very dangerous so the bigger the drawdown the more negative points it has then it is account negative point is here oh gives the degree Here according to the amount of daysthat is very relevant personal this strategy here has 752 Days active so every day that a strategy is active without breaking is already positive so this Account point to another here o information to months negative account negative pointthen here this strategy lost four points information inscription to this here interesting the strategies all strategies have their descriptions So there will have there the strategy x y z does so makes launched this strategy the he does not have specifically so for example the value that has to invest according to the lot so it is some information so that are super relevant for those who want to activate the strategy and we do not find these description so sometimes this is complicated but come on I’ll come back here I’ll go back there in that article that we were right and I’ll show you here this rank so just remembering guys goes on Googledigita best cop Traders Stick 1000 will open in English also if you search in Spanish if I’m not mistaken he he’s already translated too but come on he will you will enter this article and the first item here ó the first item is this from here ó this strategytwo birds here ó this strategy she is very relevant when you click here ó in link todetails I will click with the right button and I will open a new tab for you to see what is a strategy if I am not mistaken is a Brazilian right There are strategies from all over the world have strategies oh this one is from Brazil ótá seeing the flag here O flag of Brazil so it is a strategy that is with downdral lowrelatively low 19 I think it does not give the draw of course that we are talkingpersonal in high risk strategies né this here is not strategy is papaya with sugar this from here is high risk strategy the risk of you losing money here exists and is not a low risk right low risk is savings is CDB CDI then you go there for quiet strategies let’s say so this and the strategy hard this here is more complicated strategy a little bit but let’s give the trall of it is down heretem several information oh he’s already active let me see down here Look at this information down here folks is the most important I think you’re seeing here oh this information here in the footer when you run down there the page has all months oh look how cool then it’s been several months that he’s positive only he had a very bad month here oh he was 14% negative imagine only you get into the strategy put there mildollars and after a while you’re already with 9aqui would have lost you 140 dollars right because it gave 14%. so from one day to the next you lose 140 dollars or your account get negative is 140 dollars you are already kind of on the back foot right so he had a month here well compromising let’s say so but his recovery was fast So what shows that this type of strategy here works in a leveraged way a very hard way there because he’s with these incredible results right imagine only he’s with a monthly average this data here if I am not the most important data is one of the most important he is with a monthly average of 4.48 Sorry 5.48 guy the strategythat makes 5.48 per month of average is fantastic is very good here you can click with the right button and enter to the português also that he the acabaatra system So already showed here o average monthly return very nice let’s go there herehas more information about him eh has here on this side here oh has the information about him and here will show the floating PL here is very relevantI already guy I study a lot of Copy strategy he brokers from bimenense to all the guy has a lot and has some that hide information this is very complicated personal this is very complicated even because they hide information for the guy to lose moneyné we know that a large number of brokers they make money when the client loses money This is a fact great majority of brokers therehappens this I do not know how it works like a thousand but it has the issue of providers liquidity this is very complex but what I want to point out is what they transparent so they show the plutuante if I I’m not mistaken in by bit is I may be talking nonsensebut I think it’s the vibe it is that there’s a glass trade of them there and they hide this information then what happens the guy starts here appears there a thousand percent a month right the guy will see here and the guy is doing 1,000% a month then you said our thousand percent of the table is very goodonly that he’s with a lot of open lot a lot of open operation and this from here is absurdly high so this type of information here is very cool this type of information here is very jewelry Because they are passing everything right up to what the person has in the boxthere she is with 73,000 this account So imagine only if you follow this tradehere remembering that this trade lose the point because it is not he did not put the minimum amount to invest he did not put it Guy this here that is more adescription that is better right I think so the guy had to have put up here is the minimum amount to invest the size of the lot that was going to open with a proportional value and such then this is a defect right Let’s click hereinvests oh when you click invests it already goes to another screen and sometimes the value appears minimum to invest sometimes not oh this here appeared O is until it’s cool the minimum of it is 3Let me take my ugly face here the minimum to invest with him is $ 3000 you’re seeing here has a minimum to invest with him is 3,000 and he charges performance 30%. So 30% of the profit that he generate through your investment through your COP is his right 30% until it is what he charges has some that I see so the people charging is 25%, 30%.esse from here is a level is interesting until I have to remember this for mein the next ranking that I will do I take into account is also these issues right but this is another case let’s go here appear the information is very simple personalactivate this from here is very simple and even if you have a meta Trader account four of goal 35 as much as you have it will run Here only has one detail has a however even Bruno said is a very complete video of Bruno also I want to see if you put in the description here is talking about accounts of meta Trader 5 and meta Trader 4que that happens is if the person has operating otem operating stocks he will be operating in metaTrader 4 excuse is not 35 so you can not copy a person who is working with meta excuse meta Tradero four do not copy 5 okay understanding the five copies all then in doubt goes there and already opens an account of the meta Trader 5 né And you can follow metader four and can follow half of 5 can follow actions can follow whatever you want okay andntendendo thenis more interesting only that you have to be careful to have the balance right has to have the balance that is compatible So let me come back hereLet me come back here look only then the minimum balance to activate this copy here is 3,000 dollars I always is when I see the cop strategies The Cool is what is always is not to change settings know I saw until the video of Bruno there he they uses me Practically everything he the details right Except that I thinkso Ah okay So-and-so went there and did his strategy the risk management everythingperfect and said so no $3000 is ideal and when you start to tinker with the strategy when you start Ah I’m going to change the level of leverage I’m going to change the risk factor expensive factor is the great chance of you losing money because because the person developed the strategy and he developed and and the parameters are these understood when the person starts Oh I will leverage more expensive is Copy strategy see the value what you will have to do see the value to value is so much need to copy Ok creates an exclusive account for this strategy for example ó creates an account with $3000 in the goal 35 3 thousand dollarsenters here you will put the account data né will put here you will receive an email né with the data of the account there personal is very simple the staff of ticken 1000 also has the support there very nice if you have any questions is very quiet to talk to them is but what I want to show is so oh you will put here the account number you will put here the password and you will put here strategy will already pull and you will give the record the time you click on Registration it will already give an option for you to give the play on the top right side if I am not mistaken will have a little button there of action and activate you go there clicks on it and activate if I am not mistaken then activate again there he will ask two two things there one or two little things does not move understood I think she does not move anything ah change there is not expensive only gives the Play understood gives the Play and cuts the arm but I mean so gives the Play and see the business run let’s goanother strategies So this strategy that fantastic there you will talk so our Rafael activated strategy and the other day the guy broke guy if the guy break he will lose 73 thousand dollarsif you break you will lose only the $ 3000 he depends on the value that you put but I mean sothe guy will take care of this account the guy will take care of this color of copper because because he’s running 73 thousand dollars in it So it’s expensive for himjá did he made a profit of 100 thousand dollars right he has already made withdrawals Where are the loots here does not appear the total of withdrawals right I think here appears wants to see o trading instruments equity in this Equity here appears the withdrawals that he did look sóé weekly all the time I think here oh he got there pertodos 100 thousand dollars and made withdrawals then he started here oh around he made an initial deposit there around 40 thousand dollars okay here oh and then he was winning winning winning winning the guy is Ninja even and then Look at the demotion oh he had a downgrade Look only downgraded to 60 thousand dollars this here is fantastic Dude this these issues that I say so of Transparency even know when you see that the broker wants to show a business for you not to fall into a trap knows so this here is fantastic Look only eletem a drawdown of 119 thousand dollars for the other day his account was with 60 thousand dollars Only I think it was a withdrawal a deposit does not give parasaber exactly Let’s see I think we can see here oh no in this chart here I think you can see let’s see the normal chart is here does not appear this absurd demotion right here does not appear so it may be that he has made a withdrawal a deposit It can be nemas is kind of weird this from here guys has to stay on has to stay on because these very, very high results there is that Old Story right No Pain No Gain so it’s for the guy to get to that level that he had to risk a lot So this Equity here is kind of weird plus I think so he hit 60 thousand dollars exactly, so the chance of being a sack is great, only that it happened in a very fast way, so the chance of being a demotion is also very large, that is, he risked how many thousand dollars here without him was com118 right; and 118 he saw for 60 So if this was a demotion of the Strategy same guy he imagines the risk he arrived at a risk of having lost Practically all his capital but now look what he did look how he is a smart guy he came in with 40 thousand of course he may have made more contributions here I think nemas then he was drawing he hit here he drew O stayed with 50 thousand there he hit there and withdrew again now he withdrew again he is with 62 thousand So he will withdraw the profit right as he will have profit he will withdraw Here is the returnIt is there very interesting strategy So here in instruments you can see what he is buying and selling eleem a variety of assets here you can see oh so he’s buying and selling the to decad the here is petrolené up to oil guy It’s very interesting this here guy oh Bitcoin here oh btc 24is so you can see that he’s diversifying a lot the marketing of him oh the xau the gold too so he’s he’s diversifying And that’s a relevant point look here oh this from here folks The s100 oh the S500 that the S500 os30 this from here if I’m not mistaken is the Nasa here then he diversifies into various assets even in usbbrl here oh he made a purchase he knows that the Brazilian real is an asset that very few people trade on Forex due to being a very exotic currency right the people talk but it is look H50 this here is the Hong Kong index so he is he diversifies a lot and this is a positive point in the strategy of course there are people sometimes that are here that has a result is greater than his right in a shorter period of time and they work only with asset for example only with gold only with Euro SD so I dodollar right then they work with less assets sometimes a relevant thing here that I think is not appearing is the Sharp index the Sharp index is cool to take a look for us to see the risk issue return given account of it Ah okay here oh the shape of it oh it’s seeing 13 0 13 013 is an indexSharpe then I’ll leave a link in the description just talking about this Sharpbecause it’s very relevant it shows how risky his strategy is in a way so it’s nice you study about also for you to evaluate the strategy deeper still, this here a superficial personal evaluation is Remembering that there are several points: then I’m putting more in a general way This here is a superficial evaluation for you Invest little for you eh run relatively little capital né ah Rafael I want to put a million in this here guy there you have to make a much more judicious evaluation right you have to face 1 million is money now ó$3000 too it’s money right the minimum to run streaks but I think if no onewill jump out of a building if they lose 3 thousand dollars right But of course no onelikes to lose money so you have to be careful anyway you have to be careful But come on let’s continue our evaluation here oh I’ll put the second strategy this here oh to this Fortune Max here oh it’s very cool also the advantage of it in relation ah the previous one that we were seeing is this issue here of being able to be activated with only 500 so it’s a very interesting strategy very relevant she’s with how many days here she’s com451 Days active so 451 days is quite a long time let me put here oh look at it started in May né May 22 let it run up here look just cool So she started in May 22 and the monthly average remember I said one of the most important things you have to see guys is the monthly average of the Strategy is doing 4.28 very good so very interesting strategy the most important thing personal about any type of investment strategy is consistency right so when you see this kind of consistency just a negative month this here is very cool so it’s the last monthnow made 6.8% . dude this is a lot and the advantageof it is that it can be activated with only 500 dollars so if you want to test if you want ah I want to see how this business works guy 500 is not very right you can already have there Some interesting results What we can see is instrumentsthat have several instruments and such let’s see what else is relevant herepersonal is this is the second of the ranking Look only had the relegations here oh these relegations here is orelegation is bigger right remember that the previous strategy the relegation was let’s get here oh to two birds19 percent this strategy here is already with relegation of 29%. So she has her negative points too but I think so for test for you put to rotate there I think ball show Let’s go there another strategy here this repeats herelook only she’s 200 days right of active she had two negative months only and let’s see here we will open her to us to agent really see her and the values né she that she depends on to invest so here in the descriptionhe put little thing is a strategy if I’m not mistaken this here this flag is South Africa right is a flag of South Africa It is and here oh he’s with a total profit of 2,000 dollars very cool the account here we’ll see down here oh pity he’s with little time to live let’s say so there is little active time and he had two negative months So that ends up counting pointbut counts negative point right So look negative month positive month 67% of this monthdid not have a very high recovery only that is so personal 67%, it is a lot and when it passes there of 20 30%, and already begins to get very dangerous So look how that in the other month he has a high volatility rightIt is High gains and losses gains forgiveness is a strategy that the consistency of itis not such an interesting consistency but the monthly average look at 11% we were analyzing on average right But I always say so oh this from here may have been luck this from now this month 67% may have been luck and let it come back here oh you know there’s a series I was watching these days there is that the actor there was talking so né the character said so guy Got rich né dude ours how he managed to get rich tava everything was poor and He got rich and then he went to a neighborhood of the richyes right there the guy knocks on his door he said so Ah you were poor and such eletá living here now spoke so you know how the poor becomes rich then the guyspoke as he said only has a way for the poor to get rich in a short timeah as part said so the only thing that happens Our face got heavy right then he said so luck Then the guy said so and has more aknow what comes after luck only comes one thing after luck the unlucky is kind of like this from here oh guy could luck right Had a month there of 69% only that what comes after luck the bad guy Can’t we work based on luck let’s just take a look at his investment issue here oh minimum investment value let’s see if he because he did not put anything there oh the description of his Strategy is very bad oh sotá written here do not know what I do not know what there and history do not know what and here he did not put does not appear the minimum amount to invest let me select here see if something appears Ah but is that he did not pull toosometimes when we click this button and dress here he does not pull the data of now pulleddoes not pull the data of the information of the previous page but here pulls let’s see something here oh he did not put and did not put offer also what is this issue of offer here that I’m seeing some strategies can not be copied simply thatwhen the person activated there the settings né the trailer activated and he forgot to put it from here or he can also get to the level of not accepting more new followers of his Strategy are understanding So he can talk like this ah do not pera there I see strategies so that give up a pain in the heart to see right because there are strategies that copy there that the staff runs is like a million dollars2 million dollars five million dollars So imagine only the strategist there elect his strategy then the guys start to follow him guy has strategy and there are some brokers and some companies that limit so Ah got to 300 people Going to because the risk gets too high You’re getting it so there are I guess I don’t know if it’s going to limit the number of followers but there are some strategies and some Traders also that limit so this guy here let’s take a look here I think just not oh he has only one follower is seeing here you can see the number of people who are following him he has only one So what happened from here a personbegan to follow him he has already stopped offering his strategy right to make his strategy available and this strategy is closed is locked is not impossible today you follow it because there is no public offer here oh he’s talking right there is nonetranslate here for you there are no public offers so he’s not making his strategy available to him copy Ok let’s go there let’s go to one more strategyhere the strategy is let’s go there this strategy that she’s shefez 100% return while the days in 500 days né strategy has a lot of active time there let’s open it here oh folks this here is the complete table if you go there in where we were seeing look here oh here has the most summarized score then has the strategies right o strategy umstrategy two here the strategy three strategy four now we are naGlobo here we are in this one so click here with the right button open in the window you already go straight tostrategy of the inside the site of copdatic strategies 1000 So let’s go there for more this one from here look atstrategy very interesting gives the degree is nothing absurd I think simplepersonal Opa Let me come back so I think so oh gives the degree rememberingThere are companies so that investment funds that they do not pass there on average 5% of the side is the level of risk so 5% for the guys of Investment Fund sometimes is an absurd right but here we are talkingleverage strategies, strategies that seek incredible results, for example, 100%50% in the year, dude, these results here are out of the house, because they are super risky, staff have to be aware of it, but come on, it’s 29% of Oralé high, but for strategies of this type, beauty, 500 Days very good, very long, let’s go to the most important part, which is down there, down there, has the most important part, which is what is the average monthly return né Very good average monthly return 4.48 only he has the details he has a few months there that he gets negative the most negative month of it was 4.29%. So that’s it from here is account pointbut account point of the negative side right but guy looks only 14% in the month 11 né 16 carastrategy there very interesting né let me see here we there amount of followers he does not have he is not with let’s see if he made available the option to follow elené clicks there on invests there sometimes he just made available the information Oh has public offer he’s visible publicly let’s run herefor us to see look at this strategy that according to him needs only 100 dollars to run strategy that depends on this amount so small investment is expensive is complicated because Hardly a person can have a consistent result there with the value so low but okay It is possible is That Old Story that I talk about the possible and the probable is not likely that he can not keep this account or maybe he operating you more let’s take a look here oh look atLook only look at the detail check with me in the replayessa account is running with seven thousand dollars guy and this guy is talking that it is possible to follow him with only 100 dollars guy I will not say that it is impossible right is the same story of the probable and possible is possible but does not have much probability of you succeeding with the pending because we will give an example here O lookonly This day here he had a demotion of how much he came to be he was with 100% 110 fell to 70 let’s get it right 56 then he had a relegation that close to 50%. I want you to understand this50% downgrade, what was going to happen, he got to 7,000 dollarshere around 78,000 dollars, he went to, let’s say, it’s eight thousand dollars, he went to $4000 dollars, the round this one from here, so he left there let’s go, he left 8,000 and went to $4000, he had 50% negative oscillation if you’re following him with only $100, you’re understanding that the negative oscillation of it was 4,000if you had come and opened the lots in the same amount that he is opening né configured there to open the amount of lots equal to what will happen when he has this type of drawdown you are out yours the money went away because your account will not be enough to keep it even if you open smaller lots proportionally speaking so it is for example so let’s say that it opens lot of 0.10.10 you will try to open lot of 0.1 né only if it opens for example 10lots understood You will open 10 also opened a lot the 0.1 né you will accumulate the amount of lot your And then what goes happen when you have this kind of oscillation my friend you will lose all your capital there so it is always interesting there to think of at least at least and I say this with personal experience I have followed a lot of strategy I follow until today work hasstrategy is also and I say to you follow with at least at least 50% of the value to stay relevant you understand what he is doing here is to expose sometimes people to a even higher risk because $100 hardlythe person will be able to follow as efficiency let’s say so and look at his performance is kind of salty right What is the performance is what he charges commission from the profits so 40% is half pulled right ie imagine only every look you have 50% is 40% will be dele right So imagine only that one did five percent if we analyze this average monthly here it does4.48 percent let’s say it’s 50% it’s not 40%, let’s round to 50% instead of you win on average here oh let me run down instead of you win four point48%, you’ll earn how much you’ll earn two points 24 percent of course if it was 50% there is 40% rounding up guys but I want you to understand that you would earn half the profit half the profit because he’s charging almost half of his fee profit so this one is kind of high this minimum swings herealso it’s a little out of the house but for testing there can be a relevant strategy right he has two offers Let’s see another offer Ah he has another offer here lookthis here is interesting oh in the first offer he charges for the small bills will say so for those who want to put little money he charges a performance the rate is higheris for people who want to dress from 15 thousand dollars he charges a little less charges 35% okay understandingso this here I’ve seen in others in other Copy strategies there that the staff does it is also more even so 35% it’s still kind of salty right But come on a strategy there that makes sense right a few negative months But it’s a strategy there that that can make sense she is a strategy this flag here I think gives the skull nedeixa in the comments there if you know what is this which is this flaghere this flag I think is from Ukraine cool let’s go there another strategy here if I’m not mistaken I put 5 right Then I want to go changing this from here also want to go updating right this ranking here so it’s not forget also to subscribe no canal aí vou sempre estar publicar video updated some strategiesessa aqui pessoal pode quebra pode sair do ranking tem que ficar liga que isso aqui não renda fixa isso aqui é renda variável e a renda variável ela pode ter variações positivo e ter variações positivo até até chegar a zero é tem tem ter carevamos Mas vamos estratégia running com 230 dollars Olhasó estratégia bem de boa bem tranquil o máximo drowdal 30% pouco high but within a pattern we will say and look at the most important part that I always talk about down here let’s see the months of it Look only monthly average 3% a little low right but it is a strategy there that has been a long time that is running has some months there negative 19% negative is 12 for being negative but a strategy there that can make sense elect a follower in total he has the result of the last month such we will see one thing here is let’s see one thing here that is the minimum investment should be close to the value he works right then of 200 dollars he has let’s take a look here is look at itcobra a thread of it is smaller right his performance is only 20% this here is very cool 20% It is the least I have seen has some who charge less even who charge 10% only on the profit but this one is charging relatively littleremembering staff that this here is all free right so you do not pay anything expensive this here is very good is much of this strategy of cup that I see so they charge or she absurdly expensive lots becomes unfeasible so I came has one of the largest platforms in the world there that charges the value per lot is absurd absurd absurd absurd is practically unfeasible right there are some that charge monthly so there are strategies there the connective 2 for example that runs in the United States she charges around there 200 dollars per month150 dollars per month for you to keep strategy running So dude just for you to pay strategy you have to have a relevant profit And if I’m not mistakenso what I see on the platform is minimum investments from so from 40 thousand dollars here we’re talking minimum investment from $ 100 guy is very little right so it’s very interesting right this kind of strategy But come on the title guy cool strategy strategy cool but it’s with many highs and lows then one thing I want to do now let’s access direct here oh the site of Ah let me just see if there is any morehere we were in the right let’s see let’s see just one more for us to take a look Let’s open this one from here and let’s open this one from here the last twojust for us to conclude This part there I just want to do another one in there and we already concludes the video let’s go therelet me close here let’s go to this one from here look at the cool strategy running with 3 thousand dollars Remembering that if you lost the guy loses also then the guy who take care of his account right Let’s go there $3000 and look here oh he’s with 11 very good average the monthly average of him 11% two negative months only that is a relatively young strategy right I always talk like this investment strategy is equal to the wine the older the better it is since January of this year so there are a few months there that he is active but look at that question that I talked about results right that oscillate a lot and talthen has to stay on let’s see the minimum to activate her here daldraw also to double a little high né 41 percent he reached almost half of his Capital get negative gives the degree person is nothing less than how much she was negative the account so the closer to 100%, but risk he took then the higher lateral the riskier is the account he lets see if he has oh he has no public offer is also a guy who activated the strategy but did not conclude there the issue of public offering and he hasonly a follower of his Strategy we go there also does not have a description here Nothing of so interesting and this little flag here is from South Africa if I’m not mistaken right this flag here I don’t know where it is. in the comment if you know let’s go there this is the last strategy that we will see look at the problem of the strategy of face we can already see here oh he had a dowrar a relegation of 81 percent 81 percent is quite a thing a strategy imagine only you boots there a thousand dollars the other day has $ 200 guy you go there and said so Mel shoe that I do agorasarco all my money or wait to see if this guy will be able to resume this account understood so this is very complicated so that she is among the last there né estvery dangerous ratagia and also the monthly return of itis good is not great is a good result 5.63% average is an interesting result come on look only had a month that he did 81%, 85%. so super risky is twotwo, four months negative, but strategy that can look he’s with seveninvestors, Look how the guys like the risk, right, it’s seven investors and the totalthat he has already done, look only that cool, total that he has already done is 60 and 65 thousand dollars of return, so he’s with return there, very interesting, operates gold, let’s see here what he operates, operates enough gold oh most of the operations in Gold a little Euro and dollar and that’s it very relevant strategy very interesting is more super super risky Look only last month he’s negative 15% face 15% to recoverthen it’s not easy but it’s with 7 followers there who are confident then in faith that he will turn around but that’s it guys that more than I want to talk Ah Just talk about the site itself dae about the ranking of the strategies that are on the site let’s go there I’ll go here click onlet’s go there let’s go there I’ll go in the corner here and I’ll emstrategies né configurations platforms I think it’s three leaves the biggest my window here that from there appears better better more betteris pleonasmo right or not it’s let’s go there meta Trader what I’m looking for I’m looking for tikmio social trade this here oh so I’ll click here oh if I access the site of direct I already Caio here and then I can access here oh and I can already access there for me to see more information and tale then I already access within this menu this page here within this page hasinformation and such and down here you will running will have the ranking right the ranking of strategies look only is a very relevant rank also only that this ranking he has for example theseAbsurds here oh I think so this type of ranking should not appear opersonal return Total the guy is negative 99% ie this account broke this account is broken and the guy keeps appearing as fourth in the ranking is understanding so this this ranking seems that he takes time to update do not know but I think as soon as he looks lost 1,850 his account lost and it seems that then he puts more money in the account and continues do not know we will open here oh stay with the right button on top open a new window right or if you click right here I think it will already open when we open the new window we can see the information you will appear is that he is the fourth in the ranking will appear that he lost a thousand and fewdollar he is with practically 100% lost and then what he did I think that he deposited more $200 to try to continue with this account only that it is an account that broke look only the monthly results of it here oh he came back with the account he broke here at some point here he quebrouné he lost all capital And then he took more money and put in this account and it’s doing here oh 1450 percentin this month in this month or the month before he made 1,450 and then in this Current month is now making 32%. né is the result outside the house1,450% is outside the house what I see in this strategy is a strategy just to appear in the ranking first né among the first so the guy already does it in case thought to try to convince people he is without any follower right but he already does it plan thought to look there at the top of the ranking this from here a thousand percent is the guy who was very lucky to be able to do this and it is difficult for him to be able to maintain this month already in 32% is a good month of it but it’s this kind of strategy is some strategies I like to call it muggle catch strategy because strategy that the guy turns myGod of heaven the guy did not know how many thousand percent there in a month guy is fantastic 1400 percent is fantasticonly that this is not plausible let’s say so this here is very difficult to dese repeat with the most important question that I say it’s the consistency right man keep it here with consistency is humanly impossibleBut come on it’s other ranking strategies here There’s some more interesting look at these first three here are interesting only that the daldraw of them is seeing 80%50%, 88%. dude this here is very high very high even Look 97% guy this guy here did not break for very little oh this here until it’s cool oh 37%. let’s open it for us to see37% the guy has already managed to make profit 85 thousand dollars so a strategy heremakes sense let’s take a look more at the funela Only that it is a relatively new strategy right but I think that this strategy does not think there had not seen look only has 22 followers in this strategy It is very interesting has 22 followers is an already cool amount she is running with 49 thousand dollars we will click on the invest here for us to see the minimum amount that we need to activate this strategylook only she’s she needs at least $2000 to run is a strategy that you can say she’s here oh she’s running with 49 thousand dollars for your campaign this strategy with only 2 thousand dollars guy is complicated but if the odom of the Strategy is saying that it gets who I am to say that it can not né because until the relegationdele is not so absurdly high and guy looks only very nice so in relation to the consistency very cool strategy then look only the monthly average of the guy my33 points 18% this here is out of the curveis let’s see the same she is afraid that goes 71 has a month that makes 59 Dude I have seen a lot of strategy so has some strategies that do for example if you go to study moremartingale martingale is the riskiest strategy that exists and the person gets very similar results to these from here for a relatively long period of time here agent is talking Since January right but what happens when the market gets sudden let’s say so to one side has a very sharp oscillation what these strategies do they have a limit right so here he is running 40 and a few thousand dollars very good 49 thousand dollars only that if he is using martingale strategies from the moment this here becomes unfeasible if the oscillation for example of the Euro dollar the Euro today is an idea let’s say and he goes to the martingale strategy she supported to say so until the Euro reaches 1 and 20 and vice fall support to reach some five let’s say only if we extrapolate this if the Euro from one day to another comes out of 1 and 10 to 1:30 then you broke the caraquebrou everyone who was not saying that this strategy uses martingale I’m not talking but I’m saying that this strategy may be using martingale to have this result so amazing understood And then the risk is also high personal this is very high and may not be worth imagining only $2000 is a little money there considerable right What is the general idea in relation to this kind of strategy here $2000 is a relatively high value I believe he has been doing thisis something I believe I’m not hitting hammer here right I believe he’s using some strategy stopcida there is also strategy called Grid Grid is a strategy is even within the bainas havespecific Grid robots that they are super risky also very similar to martingale And then these strategies they reach a point and they can break due to sudden market swings if no sudden swing happens in the market and the market stay in this rain does not wet there of the let’s say Euro dollar between 1 and 10 1 and 15 and 10 and 15 stay within these levelsescara you get millionaire right only that until when then the tip that I give in relation to this type of strategy is that when you activate it if you want Remembering that everyone has to be responsible for their personal investments Sometimes people talk like this our but went there to invest broke and lost money dude you are the only one responsible for your investments are understanding it from here is a fantastic tool very good even the broker is also very boaos costs are great does not have expensive monthly Fantastic Only that you have to be aware that you are solely responsible for your investments But come on from the moment you Ah liked it here I activated what is cool you see how that guy this here has morethis issue that I have not even spoken yet you can see the Trader working in a way then you see dude you see the hordes you log in here you can after you activate you can see there what the guy buys what the guy sells even in your account history will appear there bought both sell so much and in this history in these operations you can see if he makes many purchases and manysales on the same asset in the same period of time then you will receive a report saying so bought Euro at 10 o’clock in the morning bought more I the 10e 5 bought more euros 10 and 10 bought more I the 10 and 11 and was skipping these purchases he did not close the first purchase he bought Euro against the dollar at 10:10 after 10:05 after 10:20understood he did several accounts accumulated this because because this basic strategy let’s say so from martingaleThere are two things that we have to separate a little that is the martingale and the increase of position has Traders who do the pure martingale that is a pure martingale is what the guy will do the Euro is 1 and 10he buys the he got to 1 and 5 he buys more the he got to 1 and 3 he buys more only that each purchase corresponds to twice the previous purchase so this is super super super riskybecause because it can get to a point before he started with a bought a lot néuma quantity then the Euro fell more he bought two quantities of lot then the eucai more he bought four quantities of lot 8 16 32 64 128 256512 guy comes a time that he buys so much lot that he runs out of money to buy more lot and he breaks understood then why he will do in his mind positions to make the such average price that people talk about This is the classic martingale super risky do not indicate I think so there are robots that work there with martingale strategies and can make some sense can but the vast majority is expensive lasts some time lasts there who knows up to six months a year But when the market gets too abrupt né o willsay that the Euro goes there from one and 50 to 90 penny Martin gay can’t get in with that much lot gets impossible and strategy breaks So that’s very complicated but there’s also the Grid strategies that use fixed lots so that’s different a little bit and then it does a little bit more of sense right the video strategy They buy the same lot size right then the position increases are made but are made more gradual then the person will get in there the Euro is 1 and 10 he goes andbuy an idea fell to one and five he goes there and makes another purchase of the same size of the first there I falls a little more he makes another purchase all of the same size are understanding so this calls Grid strategy and tend to work better right of course it has several nuances has a subject for another video I end up prolonging myself sometimes we in the details But it’s just to show me that it’s this kind of strategy that might be doing this And then the risk of it is high to be well that he’s 37 it’s not so absurdly high but guys have to be careful you can’t feel get excited about it from here we look at about 30% a month guy is fantastic really is fantastic but the risk he’s taking is not that story right personal there is no free lunch the risk he’s taking here is a very high risk but let’s go there let’s take one more here just to finish the video change a look here thenvery relevant strategy is with the guys already following and very cool strategy for some more here is let’s see if there is some with staff Foca nodrowdal ó gives the passed of 50%, I do not even look like ah 51 and such Ahanother thing that you can focus on is also the value that the guy has in the account so here is cool for example 85 I think who is to see né 85 thousand dollars is a guy who is 85 thousand dollars if the owner of the account loses the guy already will be sad right then oh 10,000 dollars is an account already more big drawdown half high Let’s just conclude this window here and verse we have some account with high value look at this here oh This is the one I was evaluating there reminds the twobirds to two steps Brazilian strategy very cool right guy showing there that Brazil has Traders is tops tops in the world right I think I think 1,000 is one of the biggest brokers in the world right so we’re talking about a Brazilian who is among the best in the world né she has this other male here oh only that this male I hard that he’s with little capital né $500 relatively little drawdownrelatively high but also there is among the tops right is a total result 600%. this here would even give to take a look but demotion of it half high 55%, and medium high but come on so it’s this guy here very cool $100 That’s it let’s just go to another page here just for us to see if there’s anything else interesting and then we’re already heading Do not forget guys leave the like there this video here is a modest class part of here a class is there are a lot of people who charge for this type of content So at least the like I’m sure it must be worth right that you think let’s go there for us to make more videos right, always making new video and suchLook at this guy here oh 23 thousand dollars a relatively large account né relatively average drawdown, right, let’s say so let’s see if there are some more, I’m not going to get that one right there oh 65 thousand dollars, but the relegation highCara this here is very good guy this here is very cool look at the minor relegation here o 20 22 29 relegation is lower very nice guy Let’s just go back in the one that had seen here neque is this 23 thousand dollars dude the guy made a buck huh Let’s just finish Remembering that these people who are in the ranking there at the beginning they are many do not have so many daysthink it’s with 100 days né then 100 days are strategies relatively new new estrategies Sometimes the risk is higher then but the Grosso fashion and he’s doing Bah 175 percent in how long we’ll see the months down here and we’ll see the monthly average Look he’s been active for a little while he’s since May June July August of Septemberthen a new account staff has when it’s new have to be careful more Look at 28% return ba this guy here is very interesting a negative month with 33% relegation guy 33 imagine only you put there a thousand dollars one day and the next day It has 70 700 understood has a guy 30% demotion is a thing that you will look at and talk complicated but That Old Story Without Pain No Gain has to risk right guys come on he’s with two followers look here two followers and just to finish here what he works the relegation the work is quite with xau SD just really likes to work with gold right the xiao sd is the gold guys like to work with gold I think gold is also a very relevant assethas a I think so of all the assets in the world after the Euro and dollar is the asset that has more liquidity né liquidity of gold is very high here the results of it we will see hereAh the most important that is the minimum right to invest let’s see here not investeaqui up we will see if it appears in the description here oh This here is bad guys because the guy puts only thathere oh stock train do not know what nice guy The guy put my strategy does x y z needs nominimum so much to open lot of so much but look only he charges only 20% is good he charges and he has an offer he’s without offer he did not specify the minimum amount to follow him so this is a point account pointbut account negative point nee he has he did not specify So look he did not specify neither here nor here the minimum amount to invest so hardly right The guy is with 23 31 thousand dollars in the account right dude you will have to follow in a thousand dollarsbecause you do not know what he does right so it would have to have the information right How much he would need to follow but I believe soat least at least personal 10% 30 50% there for you to be able to follow someone and have a result close to his right Remembering that guy will followsee as much information as possible knows takes doubt speaks which broker there I wanted to know if it would be interesting this from here You know you always have to inform yourself guys can not follow for nothing, beauty, I do not know that it is a very low value, right, there are some there that you can follow with $ 100, so without dollars is not so absurd there, if you end up losing personal remember, this here is not investment recommendation, subscribe to the channel there, we are growing a lot, there are severalinformation and that’s it, thanks for the attention, it was worth it and until the next video