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Make money with ZuluTrade in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose an investment strategy: To get started, you need to select an investment strategy within the ZuluTrade platform. Focus on strategies that are in the top positions or are ranked in the top 100. This can help identify successful and well-performing strategies.

Step 2: Check the minimum investment amount: Check if the minimum investment amount of the chosen strategy is in line with the amount you are willing to risk. Each strategy has a specific minimum value, and it is important to respect it. Within the platform, there are capital protection systems, but care must be taken as they can contribute to losses if the drawdown is too high. Evaluate these aspects before proceeding. (on the accounts we use we leave the protection system off)

Step 3: Choose a broker and connect to ZuluTrade: The third step involves choosing a broker of your choice (the vast majority of our clients choose IC Markets), making the initial deposit and connecting your account to the ZuluTrade platform. This will allow you to automatically copy trades of the selected strategy into your own account. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the broker and the ZuluTrade platform to correctly and securely set up this connection.

The “Lieutenant Dan” strategy that returned 71% in one year with a considered low risk (risk 1). It is important to analyze the strategy’s past performance and consider the risks involved before making any investment decisions.

Always remember to conduct careful analysis, consider your financial goals and assess the risks before investing in any strategy. Regularly track the performance of selected strategies and be prepared to adjust your strategy or reallocate your investments if necessary.

Currently, there are several interesting strategies available, such as Fortunadozer on Alpari broker (initial minimum $50), Lieutenant Dan on ZuluTrade (using IC Markets broker) and Azdinvest on Collective2 (using Interactive Brokers broker). The choice of strategy and broker depends on the amount to be invested and the investor’s country of origin.