TCA Trader Copy Automated 93.3% success rate at Interactive Brokers

TCA Trader Copy Automated Strategy Review:

The TCA Trader Copy Automated strategy is an innovative approach in the financial market, which operates in the foreign exchange (Forex) market and offers promising results. The strategy began on May 23, 2023 (in collective2 ) and is 71 days old to date.

With a track record of 120 trades, the strategy achieved an impressive success rate, with 112 winning trades and only 8 losing trades, representing a success rate of 93.3%. This consistency of earnings is one of the strengths of this strategy, which can prove attractive to investors looking for consistent returns in the Forex market.

The cumulative performance of the strategy shows a positive return of +1.2%. While this performance may seem modest compared to some more aggressive strategies, it is important to note that TCA Trader Copy Automated seeks a more stable approach, seeking to mitigate risk and reduce volatility in the forex market.

In terms of risk management, the strategy had a maximum maximum retracement of around 1.93%, during the period from June 18, 2023 to June 29, 2023. This level of drawdown is considered relatively low, indicating that the strategy has been effective in preserving capital during periods of market volatility. .

The average duration of trades is 1.2 days, which suggests that the strategy tends to look for short-term opportunities in the Forex market. This approach may be suitable for investors who prefer faster transactions and are looking for price movements in a short period of time.

The Alpha and Beta indicators of the strategy are 0.0082 and 0.0525 respectively. Alpha measures the strategy’s risk-adjusted return against the market, and Beta measures the strategy’s sensitivity to market changes. Positive alpha and beta values indicate superior performance and higher volatility, respectively.

In summary, the TCA TraderCopyAutomated strategy has a solid track record of winning trades and positive cumulative performance. With a success rate of 93.3% and a low drawdown, the strategy demonstrates efficient risk management. However, it is important to remember that every investment involves risk, and investors are encouraged to conduct additional research and seek financial advice before making investment decisions. The strategy can be an interesting option for investors looking for a more stable and consistent approach to the Forex market.