ICmarkets MT4 “Lieutenant Dan” on ZuluTrade generated a profit of $910 for those who follow her

“ Lieutenant Dan ” Strategy at ZuluTrade : Follow in the Footsteps of Success

Amount Followed: $3,971 Followers: 12 PIPS: 3.1K Average PIPS: 5.7 Trades: 547% Gain: 83% Followers Profit in… (6M): $910 ROI: 26.33% Max DD PIPS: 2.5K Weeks: 58

The “ Lieutenant Dan ” strategy at ZuluTrade has proven to be a path to success. With a total value of $3,971 followed by 12 followers, this strategy managed to rack up significant gains. With an average of 3.1K PIPS and 5.7 average PIPS, he has demonstrated skill and consistency in his trading.

With 547 trades and an impressive 83% win rate, the “ Lieutenant Dan ” strategy has captivated its followers with solid and reliable results. In just 6 months, it generated a profit of $910 for those who follow it, representing a return on investment (ROI) of 26.33%.

Despite its success, it is important to bear in mind the associated risk. With a maximum drawdown of 2.5K PIPS and a track record of 58 weeks, the strategy has shown resilience and ability to handle market challenges over time.

If you are looking for a reliable ZuluTrade strategy, the “ Lieutenant Dan ” strategy is certainly worth considering. Its solid track record and outstanding win rate make it an attractive option for those looking to pursue a well-founded, profitable strategy. Don’t hesitate to join his followers and start following the path to financial success!