New Copy Trading with Tickmill FortunaMax TCM return of over 60% in the last year

The FortunaMax TCM strategy is developed by a renowned trader who offers the opportunity to be copied for learning and potential profit. With experience since 2016 on another brokerage and since July 2022 on Tickmill, he has proven the efficiency of his strategy over time. This strategy is based on careful analysis and informed decision-making, resulting in a consistent track record of positive performance. Throughout his journey, the trader has accumulated valuable knowledge and adapted his approach to fit market changes. The efficiency of the FortunaMax TCM strategy is evidenced by the results achieved, including a return of over 60% in the last year. This outstanding performance surpasses many traditional investment funds. If you’re looking for an opportunity to follow an experienced and reliable trader, this strategy can be a solid choice. When considering adding this strategy to your investment portfolio, always remember to assess the risks and understand how it aligns with your financial goals. With Tickmill, you have the chance to copy the FortunaMax TCM strategy in a simple and transparent manner, leveraging the expertise of this experienced trader.