Updating Names in Investment Strategies on Tickmill CopyTrader: Greater Security and Performance

Evolution and adaptation are part of the ever-changing landscape of the investment world. On the Tickmill CopyTrader platform , we recently implemented a major update that involves changing names on some of our investment strategies. These changes are not merely cosmetic; they are the result of contractual and regulatory considerations that aim to improve transparency and compliance.

The strategy previously known as “ FortunaMax TCM ” is now called “ FortunaMax Zion “, while “ InvestBot TCM ” is renamed “ InvestBot Zion “. These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to improving the experience for our partners and investors while ensuring compliance with current regulations.

Additionally, the “ Robo Scalper Tickmill TCM Free ” strategy has been renamed to “ Robot Scalper Zion Free “, making its status as a free option for our partners clearer. These changes seek to simplify and clarify the options available on our platform.

We emphasize that, although the strategies have undergone these name changes, the underlying principles and the search for security and profitability remain unchanged. However, it is crucial to remember that, especially in variable income, where these strategies operate, there is a risk of losing all invested capital. Therefore, when exploring our investment options, we recommend that you carefully evaluate your risk profile and financial objectives.

Our mission is to provide tools and opportunities for our partners to achieve their financial goals, and we are committed to ensuring that the changes we make contribute to that purpose. We’re on hand to answer questions and provide support as you navigate the exciting world of investing.